Hi. I struggled through a Win10 installation black screen issue on an Alienware tower (I connected to another monitor using an HDMI connection and voila! There it was the login screen. Here's what I've done since:
1) Updated to the most recent NVIDIA Geforce GTX745 drivers (353.62, released 7/29)
2) Attempted to change the display selection through Display Properties, which ended up with black screen on HDMI too, and numerous attempts to enter Safe Mode (I cannot find a key combination that will work), until I took the advice to click Windows+P which I found elsewhere on this forum)
3) Disabled Fast Startup (someone said it might work!)

I returned to the original monitor with the VGA connection - and my hopes were high! - but here I sit with a black screen again. I'd love to hook it up via HDMI but there is no HDMI port - this is not my PC (and not my installation, actually) and I was shocked to find no HDMI at all but a DisplayPort for which the owner has no cable or adapter. I'm kind of surprised that he was sold an Alienware tower with a Dell monitor without any good cabling, but I digress.

I guess my question is two-fold:
1) why, if the VGA and HDMI are on the same card, will only the HDMI work, and is there an easy answer?
2) should I encourage the owner of this PC to buy a DisplayPort adapter ($40) to save some aggravation? And as a part b to this question, would the performance of HDMI over VGA be an added benefit or would it even be noticeable?

Thanks in advance for any advice.