Multi display options atypical need.

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    Multi display options atypical need.

    I wasnít quite sure where to put this question so I put it here. Feel free to move it to somewhere more appropriate.

    Hereís the situation, I have an arcade cabinet I made which is running out of win10 via big box/launchbox. This is all displaying on two montors through a gt1030. The main display monitor is a 4:3 1600x1200 monitor the input of which is handled with a dvi to hdmi adapter coming from the hdmi port of the graphics card to the adapter on the monitor. The second monitor is a dynamic marquee LED bar 14Ē long. This screen takes the game marquee of whatever game you load and displays it until you back out of the game.

    Thatís all the outputs I have on the graphics card.

    What I want to do is the following: I would like an HDMI output to run to my a/v receiver and mirror the output of monitor 1 (the main monitor) at a wholly different resolution. This will be outputting through a projector at 1080p.

    Now, I have this working but the way Iím doing it doesnít really turn my crank that much because of all the steps involved in doing it.

    I have monitor 1 output going into a hdmi splitter which in turn is going to the main 4:3 display monitor and a flush mounted hdmi port on the back of the cabinet.

    I can then run a redemere cable to the AV receiver and use a wireless keyboard/mouse to run the games. So, mild success but this creates a number of issues.

    1: when I do this and I want to display 1080p from the projector I have to set up a custom display resolution which is about 10 mouse clicks deep and requires me backing out of big box back into windows and basically makes the display worthless on the 4:3 until I change the settings back.

    I would like to do this completely through big box without having to back out into windows. Also I would like to just keep the cable plugged in the entire time to the AVR and when I want to turn display on the Home theater I can just flip the input on the AV receiver and be done with it. This setup makes this impossible because I can only have one screen at a time displaying their own respective resolutions. I can do it but itís not convenient at all.

    2: sound. For some reason I can only get the sound to work from the hdmi graphics card out if I unplug the cables coming from the OB sound card which Iím using for the arcade cabinet. It will not let me use both the hdmi out on the graphics card and the OBA at the same time. Is there any way these can output simultaneously?

    3: peripherals.
    Basically Iím trying to play Homeworld remastered on my home theater so I can do this in glorious 4k and surround sound instead of that dinky ass 4:3 screen without disturbing the arcade Machine too much. Does anyone know of a all in one peripheral or some other method to use a mouse and keyboard on my couch to play this? I have a couple of wireless boards with touch pads but for some reason Homeworld does not want to listen to the right click + drag or both buttons together+drag inputs from any of my wireless peripherals. Is there a peripheral that offers basically full mouse/keyboard control in a compact package that will work for this game?

    So there you go, I just want to click the game on big box in my arcade machine, switch the input on my AVR and sit down and play Homeworld remastered. Then when Iím done, exit out, turn everything off and go to bed knowing that the arcade display settings havenít changed any.

    Thank you!

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    Man no one has any ideas?
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    Ok Iíve been working on this today and Iím still wondering why no one has any input.

    I basically need 3 separate devices set up in windows.

    I have the video working by using a splitter but it isnít detecting the AV receiver that the hdmi cable is running to so I canít get the sound to output to it. So I donít think this splitter thing is going to work out unless someone knows something I donít.

    That leaves me with a couple of other options, basically 3 and Iím not convinced those will work either.

    1: I have a hdmi out and a vga out from the on board graphics card. Considering all one of these devices needs to do is display a picture, can I enable and use that device along side my GT1030? Then I could just run a vga cable to the marquee to display the images, the graphics card hdmi output to the av receiver, and the graphics card dvi out to the arcade cabinet monitor.
    Does anyone know if this is possible with those old Dell 3010s?

    2: an HDMI hub, 2 in 2 out.
    And just switch between the displays.

    3: add a hdmi port with a usb to hdmi converter.

    Of these three options the on board graphics card use would be the most ideal since thatís the only option that doesnít require me walking out into the Black Death to get some stupid piece of equipment.
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