HDMI output has stopped working after update to 1909

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    HDMI output has stopped working after update to 1909

    For many (at least 3) years, I have used a Philips 225PL2 monitor as an extended desktop. It's been driven by the HDMI port of my laptop via an HDMI-to-DVI cable and has always worked without a problem. The only video output connector from the laptop is HDMI, there's no VGA.

    Last night, I updated to Windows 10 64 bit version 1909 (build 18363.693) and suddenly, the monitor can't see the video output. It knows it's connected to something, or else the OSD would tell me, but it says "Attention: No video input" and then sleeps, so it's not seeing the video from the HDMI port.

    I have connected the monitor, via the same cable, to an HP laptop that has not been updated to Windows 10 v 1909, and it still works, so neither the cable nor the monitor is at fault. I've also tried it with an older Dell monitor, which doesn't have the ability to tell me whether it can see the connection, but also sits there with a blank screen.

    Things I have tried to date:

    1. Windows-P and selecting either "extend" or "duplicate" - neither works.
    2. Settings > Display > Multiple Displays > Detect - returns "Didn't detect another display".
    3. Went to the Intel and NVIDIA websites and downloaded and installed the latest drivers for both the Intel HD Graphics 5500 and NVIDIA GEForce 940M chipsets. Intel is now version and NVIDIA is
    4. Control Panel > Device Manager > Display adaptors > Properties - reports both drivers working correctly.
    5. Control Panel > Device Manager > Monitors - unsurprisingly no longer lists the Philips monitor like it used to.
    6. Turned everything off and turned it back on again starting with the monitor first.
    7. Ran sfc / scannow - said it found corrupted files and replaced them, but it made no discernible difference to anything when rebooted.
    8. Ran the Windows hardware troubleshooter - reported no problems.

    I'm loathe to do the one other thing I've seen suggested elsewhere - update the BIOS (assuming an update is available) - because why mess with what was working fine until the Windows update? (The BIOS is currently Insyde Version F.45, 23/05/2017).

    It may seem a trivial issue but in fact it's had a huge effect on my productivity because the type of work I do is made much faster by the ability to use an extended desktop. So any suggestions / solutions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi, there are discussions on the HP site. You haven't stated the exact model of your Envy.

    - see last post- suggests you may need to find and install the appropriate older driver.


    I updated to Windows 10 64 bit version 1909 (build 18363.693)
    - and from what did you update? Depending on your upgrade route you may have received new drivers.

    You may get a more specific reply for your model by searching and checking HP's site.
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    dalchina said:
    You haven't stated the exact model of your Envy.
    Hi dalchina. Sorry, it's an HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n007tx. The product ID is M9V64PA#ABG.

    suggests you may need to find and install the appropriate older driver
    Oh dear. A support tech took hours to find the correct one?! That sounds like a nightmare of installing and uninstalling. I didn't update the drivers until after the HDMI failed, so a rollback sounds an unlikely solution unless the OP on the thread you've quoted is right and Microsoft Windows updates install drivers for other proprietary software without asking?!

    and from what did you update?
    That's a further mystery. Back in January when I last posted a question here, Windows was reporting itself as being version 1909. However yesterday, an update to 1909 popped up as an "optional update". I generally like to keep everything up to date so I figured that this was merely an incremental upgrade to the version I was already running. However there's some definite differences in appearance (for instance, the way results display in the Cortana search bar) that suggests it's more than that!

    You may get a more specific reply for your model by searching and checking HP's site.
    I did try that and it suggested many of the things I tried listed above. I also ran the HP component tests. I'll try digging deeper in the site since I didn't see the thread you've quoted above.
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    Hi, I was thinking perhaps you'd upgraded from an older build of Win 10 or maybe even Win 8. Upgrading within build 1909 shouldn't necessarily mean you'd get a driver update.

    Have a look at your Update History. If it was just an optional 1909 update, see what happens if you uninstall it.
    Look down to the bottom for driver updates too just to check.

    Want info or download links for any updates? See the relevant thread per update per build in the tenforums News section.

    Looks as if your PC was released with Win 8, and has some Win 10 driver support from HP.
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    *cue spooky music*

    So, having tried everything else I decided to do a clean boot and see what would happen. The second screen came back.

    I figured the cause would be a non-MS driver, so restored all the non-video related services and rebooted. Second screen still came back.

    By that time I was certain the problem would have to be a driver from NVIDIA or (less likely) Intel. So I began restoring them one-by-one between reboots.

    They're now all restored and... the second screen still works.

    To be 100% certain I set msconfig to "normal startup" and still the second screen works after reboot.

    I did nothing else, changed nothing else. No driver rollbacks, no system settings changes, just the methodical restoration of services one-by-one.

    I'm going to leave this open awhile in case it decides to stop working for no apparent reason in the same way it decided to start for no apparent reason. But it's possible this - as weird as it seems - might have provided a solution.
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    I have the same problem, but with a different notebook (Lenovo T480s) and monitor (Dell U2412M). The monitor is connected with a HDMI->DVI cable and stopped working on May 1st, 2020 after working fine for years. The monitor behaves like when it is connected and send to standby from the pc. When I disconnect it, it shows "no cable". Windows does not recognize the monitor at all.

    All hardware is fine, an ubuntu live booted on the same notebook recognizes the monitor. Windows recognizes other HDMI displays, but not the HDMI->DVI monitor.

    I installed 1909 in January, there seems to be another cause. I tried old graphics drivers, uninstalling the last Windows updates but nothing helped. I hoped the clean boot would help, but not for me.

    Just wanted to leave this here as it was the only thread I could find where someone has the exact same problem I have. Perhaps someone else discovers a solution and can share it here.
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    I have an HP G4 250 laptop connected via HDMI to a TV, which was working fine until the latest Cumulative updates KB4552931 and KB4556799, when the signal from the HDMI stopped working. Spent hours trying all kinds of hardware configs and driver updates.

    The only thing that worked was to uninstall those updates and then unplug everything from the laptop, remove the battery and leave it for 10 minutes. Upon reconnecting and rebooting, the HMDI is working again!

    Windows then installed those updates again automatically. Same problem again, and same fix. Now looking into how to disable Windows updates until this is fixed...
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    Hi, you can 'hide' (block) Windows updates, either rather less conveniently with this:
    Hide or Show Windows Updates in Windows 10

    or more easily with a tool such as WUmgr (free)
    HDMI output has stopped working after update to 1909-untitled.png
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    Aha...excellent - thanks!
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    Hi, Ive had similliar problem with a Dell Inspiron Desktop 3000 core i3 7100. with integrated intel graphics.
    The first time the HDMI output failed I got it back just by turning off and replugging routine with the monitors, and I thought it was just a connection glitch. This was a month or two back. But yesterday the HDMI connected monitor just doesnt see a signal, while the vga monitor works fine. Windows does dot see the second monitor. The HDMI monitor and cable are fine they work on another computer as a test. I have tried all the uninstalls and reinstall of driver, driver rollback etc.
    So since nobody seems to have a real solid solution Im thinking of just adding a cheap dedicated graphics card with its own HDMI port. ( Im the kind of person who gets up to speed on computers pretty quickly but a forget it all when the problem is done, so above average non geek. I dont feel comfortable with messing with registry for example but do feel ok installing physical stuff)
    Does anybody think this will be a pretty sure fix? or just run into more problems integrating the two graphic capacities.?
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