GPU in 16x slot but GPU-Z reports running at x1 speed?

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    GPU in 16x slot but GPU-Z reports running at x1 speed?

    I have a fairly older system now but still good for my basic use, the specs below:

    CPU - i5 (3rd gen)
    GPU - GTX 650 OC Gigabyte 1Gb
    Samsung SSD
    XFX 450 Pro PSU
    Gigabyte H77M-D3H mobo

    now I have the latest nVidia driver installed as of last night and just checking GPU-Z and it reports its in the 16x slot but running at x1 1.1 speed...?? when its under stress test it says x 1 3.0 can anyone clear this up for me please?

    EDIT: After re-seating I had some issues getting it to start back up when the system was upright and/or every thing else plugged in, it was booting but no reception on TV. i swapped out HDMI cable and it worked, put it back together upright and it didnt, i removed al the fittings and just left PWR, USB mouse n keyboard and HDMI and it came on then I plugged them in, now i bet if i shut it down it wont come back on until i removed the 3.5mm, Ethernet and USB extender - but since then its now running at x4 1.1 and x4 3.0 underload
    how is it re-seating it gets it half working and now has complications of working at all....seems it may be on its way out...

    GPU in 16x slot but GPU-Z reports running at x1 speed?-gpu-z_2020-01-28_12-26-44.jpg


    - - - Updated - - -

    its fixed... i hope

    i took it out again, and blew into the x16 port (nothing came out), this time it starts all the time AND is running at full x16 3.0 (x16 1.1 when not under load)- wonder how long its been like that wonder fortnite was 1fps lol

    good job i game mostly on my Xbox

    thanks again
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    Wellllll what you have there is a mix of several things :

    1 - For starters there are kits on commercial stores that can run 16x PCI GPUs and lay it to other interfaces through cables like NGFF or PCI-e interfaces at 1x bandwidth . According to its users they are able to receive high fps , little less than if the card was plugged in to board so declining in PCI bus may hinder performance but not as far as killing it .

    2 - Aged hardware usually have 2 symptoms , blown/deteriorated capacitors , and oxidized conducting terminals , the late can be fixed with ease by applying un-oxidizing agents . But capacitors however are getting harder to replace and pose challenges to even professionals as they reached tiny sizes only jewelers can handle . The result of these however are instabilities and crashes .

    3 - If you are not getting instabilities and crashes , and are running at slow bus there might be hardware / incompatibilities where you need to check if there are a legacy bios option that might lead to this .

    4 - Having low fps on one game may require you to search if others with same hardware are having similar issues or not , youtube now is filled with several videos testing same game on different gpus and bench marking their performance you may start there .

    5 - Sometimes you are lead astrayed , the bottleneck might be something entirely else , like for example the hard drive might be running super slow , or even having several services running that are locking the hard-drive and slowing whatever dedicated for gaming from read / write bandwidth so you need to check task manager see on idle if disk usage % is still high .

    6 - Sata drivers often require updates , working with wrong version number of sata driver may hinder performance greatly so you need to see if you have the latest driver installed .
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    have all the proper AHCI drivers installed, the issue has been resolved
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