New PC build - Defect GPU?

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    New PC build - Defect GPU?

    after Posting multiple threads in the official amd Forum & support without getting any answers. I'm trying my luck here.

    I'm a NVIDIA user but because of the market boom of AMD Im proud to get a Radeon 5700. So I changed my graphicscard + Mainboard + CPU to AMD. Ryzen 7 2700 and MSI X570-A PRO.
    The purchased MSI OC MECH Radeon 5700 from Amazon came original packet. From a serious seller.

    When I install the graphics Driver. It hangs at the first step in Adrenalin Edition. "Checking for systemcompatibility"

    The System is Windows 1903 (newest one). Without antivirus or Software installed/enable. It makes no difference.
    The very strange Thing is. I can install the Driver only on Windows 10 before 1803 update! The Version in the year 2017.
    It works perfectly. But in the test time I got massive Bluescreens. Like DCP_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION, SYSTEM SERVICE VIOLATION and some IRQL LESS OR EQUEL RAM errors..

    Updating the system with installed Driver, fails. Stucks at certain percent..

    After installing a newest Version of Windows 10 (the latest one). Fresh without Software installed, Windows Defender deactivated. I bind the graphis Driver over Windows and it hangs again!

    Also I bound the driver over cmd with the drvload64 command. It freezed only in the second installation process. But the driver .ini got installed successfully. Everything without Adrenalin Software.

    Now I can Play 4k on Ultra Settings with constant 60 FPS on most games. (3DMark couldn't work somehow.. Other benchmark got Fullscreen problems too. Can be software related)
    So .. what should I do now..?

    It seems Software related. but in other way not..

    Today I tryd linux (ubuntu) and it hangs in the installation process. I get the error with or without nomodeset:
    VGACOM disables amdgpu kernel modeset
    after some retries he resumes. But freezes soon.

    I may change the card. But in the time I get no integrated graphics card or a second one. Means, no output for some weeks.

    Test for incompatibilities or recharge? It seems AMD driver related...

    Thanks in advance guys
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    Do you have a friend you could get to test the card in their system, and vice versa could you test another card (friends) in your system? It could be the graphics card, or it could be the PCIE slot on the motherboard, or the CPU, or memory. How many items did you purchase at the same time?
    You mention GPU, motherboard and CPU, any other components, like RAM, power supply?
    If you can't find someone to swap cards with for testing is there a local PC repair shop you can take the system to?
    Assuming it is the GPU just because the drivers/ utility software is failing to install on a new build is fine, but what if you RMA the card and the issues persist?
    You mention you can play 4K, Ultra settings, 60fps....if the card was faulty I would not expect that to work.
    The fact Linux has issues as well may point to the GPU, but again it could be the PCIE slot at fault rather than the GPU itself.
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    Check the previous NVidia drivers have been uninstalled and do a clean install of the AMD drivers. Check the GPU card is pushed fully home into its slot and that the addition power connectors are properly fixed
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    Thanks for the fast answers.
    Yes, Im gonna search for somebody.

    I forgot to mention that the graphics card was the last product.
    I changed to ddr4. There is CPU & Mainboard & RAM change necessary.

    My old graphics card (that I sold now) was the GTX 1060 MSI. I changed the hardware without reinstalling the system. Everything worked. The only bottleneck was the graphics card. When I install the new card I tryd the reinstall of the whole system. Because it crashed with DDU in safe mode.

    I need a board with PCIe 4.0 because the GTX 1060 supports only 3.0. Maybe I find someone today.

    The next thing is look here: The Chipset Temps stay permanent at 53 C
    I found a bug in the bios, where I coudln't boot automatically the SSD after installing a second windows.
    It doesn't show up in the BIOS settings but only in the Boot Menu with F11.

    After changing the SSD it works again. Somehow.
    BIOS flashed successfully to the newest version.

    The next problem is. The sound chipset gives a heavy noise out since I installed the newer Windows System. The noise comes even at start up. When the BIOS is loaded.

    Wanted to change the speakers because the noise isn't that heavy on other speakers. but I should take a eye on the Mainboard..
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    I would check device manager, make sure there are no yellow exclamations next to devices, then go to motherboard manufacturers website, check BIOS version there and download any drivers for your board, make sure they are for your revision of board as there could be several same name boards but different hardware versions.
    If you can get a stable install of Windows running, check with CPUZ or similar utility that the CPU and memory descriptions are as you would expect and that the memory is running the correct speed and channel mode. BIOS and CPUZ should report same info.
    Test the machine with one RAM stick at a time to check the memory, make sure correct DIMM slots are being used (most are colour coded for population in pairs).
    If you have a stable Windows running (without using GPU specific drivers) try running a CPU stress test (Prime95 is good for this) keep an eye on temps, run the test for maybe 10 mins to make sure CPU is good.
    If all drives are connected properly, memory is good, CPU is good, power supply is good and utilities for checking and testing run without issues try installing the GPU drivers (with AMD I think they are part of the utility app, unlike Nvidia where you can separate drivers from utility app).
    If you are still having issues continue with either taking the system to a shop for testing or swap GPU's with a friend for testing.
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