So I have been revising MS EDID_Override behavior as i got interested in it after reading a post , unfortunately all documentations found at MS docs are busted , like for example in this link they strictly stress in case we need to use EDID_Override we need to create a Key in parameters holding binary value entries named 0 , 1 , 2 etc with each only holding 128 hexadecimal integers max , then the cuteness of them provide an example that has the binary holding to 145 one .

So i did try the registry method dividing data over multiple numbered binary values of 128 integers each , or packing all data into 0 named binary , or packing all data into EDID named binary and also packing all data into EDID_Override named binary , and to note non of these works .

So I would rather appreciate knowing if any manufacturer could apply it and how they formatted it if any .

Thanks in advance !

P.S Yes I reboot