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    fizzgig21 said: View Post
    I am also having this issue and have been unable to find a solution

    Monitor goes to sleep and built in speakers have no sound when the monitor wakes.

    I have 2 identical builds with the same problem. Had no issues with desktop speakers. Got a new monitor with built it speakers connected via display port. I can get sound from any other source upon waking except monitor. So I assume its either an issue with sound via display port or (hard to explain) communication with monitor and pc, like the monitor sleeps and shuts off speakers, when it wakes the pc still tries to put sound in those speakers but a new version of them is running? Because when I try to test my sound I get the your device is being used by another app. I dont even know if that can be a thing or if im explaining it clearly. Im at a loss and trying to think of everything.
    Try this

    HOW TO - Fix Loss of HDMI Audio After Resume from Sleep Using an EDID Override
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    wafcross said: View Post
    Hey! So I'm running my audio via HDMI from my graphics card and it plays through the speakers built into my monitor.

    When I first did the Win 10 update I had no audio whatsoever, and followed some suggestions on online forums that lead me to disable the Realtek High Definition Audio which I did and upon a reboot- my HDMI audio was working.

    But then I had another weird issue. My PC is set to never sleep as I use it as a media server, but my screens turn off automatically after 10 minutes. What im finding is that when I wake up my monitors the audio stops. When I view playback devices I can't do any tests because "the device is already in use by another application"

    (note: I have the checkbox for allowing an application to take exclusive control of a device un-checked).

    So far there are only 2 ways to restore audio. 1) restart the PC. 2) go into device manager > Sound, video and game controllers > AMD High Definition Audio Device > Disable... wait a few moments > Enable.

    Any help/advice greatly appreciated!
    The best way I've found to alleviate this is whenever my system wakes up I right click on my volume control in the bottom right corner and select "Playback Devices" once there I right click on my hdmi moniter and select "set as default device" although it is already set as the default device it somehow jump starts the audio and then I am able to hear again
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    fireryone said: View Post
    To anyone else that decides to use the file be wary of likely trojan in 32bit executable..

    Both uploads are detected to include a Malware and or Trojan.
    Using multiple online virus file scans, many detect an issue with the file:

    I submitted the Zip to my AV vendor suspecting the automated device disabling to be causing a false positive...
    But then if thats the cause it should detect the same issue with the 64bit file.

    Avira's Lab test has confirmed not a false positive and advised the file "amdaudiofix.exe" includes a Trojan:

    Relevant portion of the Avira's Lab Test:
    I've been using the 64bit file "amdaudiofix_x64.exe" since it's clean and it does temporally fix the audio issue.

    If you believe its still falsely detecting the application as a Trojan then you may need to submit it to the vendors yourself.
    I've done what I can to clear a possible false positive.
    Not sure why Avira thinks it contains an trojan.. It was compiled the same way as the x64 using the provided tools by AutoIT. Maybe it has to do with UPX-compression or something...

    Of course, if you don't trust the executable, feel free to compile it on your own. The code is written in 'autoitscript' (.com) which is widely spread and known in the IT-world for automation...

    It seems that some virusscanners see compiled autoit scripts as trojans for some reason, read more about it here:
    Let me google that for you

    The most virusscanners do not detect it, just a few that give false-positives...Not something I can change.
    Of course you can decide to compile it yourself, although don't think that will help, or use the original AutoIT.exe and add the .au3 (source code) file as parameter to run it. Or use 64bit version which doesn't seem to have it for some reason..

    Genesis said: View Post
    Mr.Q said "I'll make a new version which provides you the ability to specify the device name in a config file."

    great , im looking forward to it.
    Sorry for the HUGE delay.. but here it is:

    Please check out the readme.txt which I've created!
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       16 Apr 2016 #44

    For the people interested; AVIRA is not giving a false positive for the new version (no clue why it did previously):
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    Hey guys, sorry for resurrecting this post but I had the same issue I wanted to give an alternative to MrQ's application, as this is a really simple script you can run, the only requirement is devcon.exe which is easily obtainable.

    First off, MS have removed the option to download devcon.exe on it's own, now it requires you to download a whole kit, but there is a way around this, I use elgato software to record gameplay and found that the soundcapture software requires devcon.exe, so if you have elgato software installed or if you decide to install it to get the devcon.exe, you just need to go to "C:\Program Files\Elgato\SoundCapture\Driver"

    Just copy devcon.exe to your desktop, preferably in a folder, next you need the script, below I've provided two options,

    Option 1: A vbscript which hides the command prompt window and runs the command as admin (which is required), so when you double click it and approve it, it will disable/enable your audio within seconds thus fixing the problem.

    Option 2: Is a basic batch file with just the command in it, when running this you will have to manually RunAsAdmin, and it will popup on your screen for a moment while it runs.

    Just make sure that the vbscript or the batch script is saved in the same folder/location as the devcon.exe file in order for it to work.

    Copy the following to notepad and save it as AudioFix.vbs in the same location as devcon.exe
    Dim wShell
    Dim oShell 
    Dim strArg
    Set wShell = WScript.CreateObject ("WScript.Shell")
    Set oShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
    strArg = "for /f ""tokens=*"" %A IN ('devcon.exe find *Audio* ^| findstr ""Audio""') DO for /f ""tokens=1 delims=:"" %B IN (""%A"") DO for /f ""tokens=1,2,3 delims=\"" %C IN (""%B"") DO devcon.exe disable ""%C\%D"" & devcon.exe enable ""%C\%D"" "
    oShell.ShellExecute "cmd.exe", "/C CD "& wShell.CurrentDirectory & " & " & strArg, "", "runas", 1
    Set wShell = Nothing'
    Set oShell = Nothing'
    Or copy the following to notepad and save it as AudioFix.bat in the same location as devcon.exe
    CD %~dp0
    for /f "tokens=*" %%A IN ('devcon.exe find *Audio* ^| findstr "Audio"') DO for /f "tokens=1 delims=:" %%B IN ("%%A") DO for /f "tokens=1,2,3 delims=\" %%C IN ("%%B") DO devcon.exe disable "%%C\%%D" & devcon.exe enable "%%C\%%D"
    I hope this helps everyone with this audio issue, I personally use this without issues, but if you have any problems PM me.
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