Performance of RTX Geforce Armor 2070

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    Performance of RTX Geforce Armor 2070

    Is there an item of software that tells me how well my video card is operating? One or two games seem to have 'long distance' presentation problems

    win 10 home x 64 18362.1h_release. 190318 1202
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    MSI Afterburner is probably the best free software for diagnosing video card issues, it has a wealth of options to display in game as an overlay, from fps to CPU and GPU usage, RAM and VRAM usage, temps etc. The games you run can be either CPU bound, GPU bound or balanced, so if for example your CPU is waiting for your GPU to catch up, or vice versa you may need to alter some in game options to get a balanced experience. First person shooters tend to be GPU bound, whereas games like city sims tend to be CPU bound. Also if your disk system involves spinners you may be waiting on textures and level data to be loaded and unpacked, so an SSD for running games is preferable.
    Just some points to consider. Also most games have dedicated websites where you can get tips on settings for various hardware combinations to get the best playable experience.
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    thank you Running Kombustor in MSI - been at it for a while, not sure what its actually doing, but FPS is steady at 214. on a full mark stress test, whatever that is. Seems static too at 93% ? My C drive is an SSD (500GB) but rest are standard HDD. THe SSD is fairly new, would have liked a bigger on but very expensive at present.

    does this make sense?

    Model : AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Quad-Core Processor
    Logical cores : 8
    CPU1 : package 1, core 1
    CPU2 : package 1, core 1
    CPU3 : package 1, core 2
    CPU4 : package 1, core 2
    CPU5 : package 1, core 3
    CPU6 : package 1, core 3
    CPU7 : package 1, core 4
    CPU8 : package 1, core 4
    CPUID : AuthenticAMD family 17, model 1, stepping 1

    Display device : GeForce RTX 2070 on TU106-A GPU
    Display driver : 441.12
    BIOS :
    GUID : VEN_10DE&DEV_1F07&SUBSYS_37341462&REV_A1&BUS_8&DEV_0&FN_0
    Registry key : \Registry\Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\{82A41785-8F10-11E9-BB61-DF89B0445E9B}\0000
    VDDC controller : Display driver
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    Well most games aren't really written for multiple cores, hence the reason Intel CPU's tend up till now to have the edge over AMD for gaming since their single core performance is generally better, this is beginning to change as games are written to take advantage of more cores. If the 93% you quote is the GPU usage I would say your system is running about right. You mention in your post the issue with long distance presentation (called draw distance in most game settings), an open world game would be more work for the system to display than for example a first person shooter taking place in corridors and rooms since objects in the distance need to be loaded and rendered regardless of where in the world you are, a series of corridors/ rooms is less taxing since you can't see round corners or beyond doors so the game doesn't need to render objects until they are in range.
    If you find your open world games suffer you could try turning draw distance down a few notches to lighten the load on the system, or reduce other settings like shadows and occlusion until you find a balance that looks good but doesn't hurt performance. I personally play Elder Scrolls online and can run at 100 fps in 1080p with a 1050TI and an i5-8400 as long as I turn draw distance down by half and turning shadows to medium reducing the amount of work needed to portray the open world environments. It doesn't harm the looks of the game but prevents that "stutter" as you move from say, mountain to desert to forest.
    My system runs like that with 90-98% GPU and 35-45% CPU usage which is about right for my level of hardware.
    With an RTX2070 you may not need to reduce draw distance so much to get smoother gameplay but your CPU is probably the weakest link in your setup, depending of course on which games you are playing. Im not putting the Ryzen 5 down, far from it, it's a very capable CPU, but you may need something a bit beefier to pair with an RTX2070 to get the most out of your gaming experience.
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    There are various Graphics features that affect the presentation of distant stuff, these come to mind, no doubt there is more.
    1) Draw distance.
    2) Texture filtering, includes - Bilinear/Trilinear filtering, Anisotropic filtering, point filtering, FXAA, CSAA, MSAA.
    3) Bump mapping.
    4) Simulated camera lens effects like depth of field.

    Distant stuff does not need to be processed in such detail as you cannot see the result. Obviously if you have a large screen and high resolution monitor this maybe more noticeable.

    The reason is the limitations of CPU and GPU processing power, no good processing stuff you cannot actually see in distant stuff.
    It is a complex subject, so you have to read up on the finer details.

    I use 3DMark to test Video performance as it goes through all the available Graphics effects, the resultant benchmark you can compare with users of very similar hardware. Been using this for 15+ years in it's various iterations.
    On what I'm using now the results are in the middle of the normal distribution of people with the same basic hardware, so it's working fine.

    Games are problematical as it depends on how they are written, feature access, and some maybe changed for promotional reasons for one of the competing Brands, and/or newer more expensive hardware.
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    I checked options in Fallout 4 as an prime example and realised everything was 'Ultra' or 'on' - antialiasing is now off; anisotropic is now off. Shadow quality from ultra down to medium, shadow distance down to medium, depth of field down to standard, distance object down to high as is object detail fade. All these were also 'ultra' - these were game self setting not my own adjustments.
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    This short video does a good job of explaining the different graphics settings and how each affects performance. The YouTuber is Jayz Two Cents and he explains things in an easy to grasp manner.
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    I have just come back from running a long check on Fallout 4 after the above adjustments. I think the image is sharper, the distance is clear, the buildings on the other side of the Charles River (Boston) showed 'baddy' fortresses which were just blank ground before, definitely an improvement, but mainly pure guess work I confess. I dont even know what an anisotropic even is
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    I'd imagine just setting gpu settings to adjust for best quality would work the best

    Otherwise might not be gou related and just need to boost your cpu clock a little or tune you system memory frequency a little too.
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    pejole - I took my pc into my local excellent computer shop, and had installed a new MB and new CPU - everything seems hunky dory now, even boot up to desk top and shut down is now measuring under 15 secs and 5-8 secs respectively. New specs listed. My son is building a games rig for a grandchild, he is taking the former MB and CPU back to cyprus with him when he comes over for a few before xmas.
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