Video card power but fans not turning. Solved

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    Video card power but fans not turning.

    If a modern video card is inserted into a motherboard's PCIe slot, and connected to power, but NOT connected to a screen, shouldn't its fans be spinning? Or would it sense that it was unable to output a signal and not fully turn on?
    The computer is on, of course, with the monitor getting it's signal from the board's VGA port.
    Perhaps a BIOS limitation?
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    Depends on the card. A lot of cards these days the fan(s) don't spin until the card hits a certain temperature. My RX 570 is one of those where the fans don't spin up until the card gets of 50C or so.
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    Thanks for commenting.
    The card is a GeForce GTX 970, not very old, AFAIK.
    Perhaps you're right, although I would have thought there'd be an LED or two that'd light up when it was powered on.
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    That's normal with modern components, it's the same with my Desktop graphics card, desktop PSU, and Laptop, NAS box. All are triggered at some temperature like 50C or something like that.

    My GTX9xx series card had a little label on it saying " Zero Frozr Smart cooling, Stay Quiet. Fans not spinning? Don't worry! ".

    What use are lights when they are on the inside of your PC box.
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    You need to point out the exact card. If it is from an AiB-partner then there's a good chance, like most pointed out already, that it has a silent mode where the fans won't turn on before it hits 60 degrees celsius. Reference designs usually don't have this feature.

    Fun fact: Companies have started to print out labels or stickers directly on the fans if it has a silent mode, because users thinks something is wrong when the fan don't turn on in the beginning. This is mostly on 'gaming' brand components though, sometimes - like Helmut pointed out - with something fun written.
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    Thanks, guys.
    As I said, the card is an NVidia GeForce GTX 970 SC. I mentioned LED lights because they're common on motherboards, even though the average user can't see those, either. But in this case, the box is open, so I'd see any lights that were on the card.

    Hey, no biggie, the DP cable should be here soon, so I'lI be able to test it properly then.

    Or somewhere in my workshop I may have a DVI-VGA adapter.

    Hold the bus! Just found a DVI-D cable. Connected it and voyler, it works. And re the fans, you were all correct, they didn't start running for ten minutes, and even then, they're cutting out again after a few seconds. The computer is pretty much idling right now.

    Once again, thanks to all who've commented
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