Display driver stopped responding and has recovered, shows wrong drive

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  1.    20 Jan 2016 #21

    change latency setting

    Hi All,

    Fixed this on my W7 with this registry change

    Display driver stopped responding and has recovered, shows wrong drive Attached Files
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  2.    21 Jan 2016 #22

    Change Virus checker.

    This worked for me.
    System gave same error when playing FarCry 4
    Found disabling Virus checker cured problem completely
    Had free Avast 2016 installed.
    Disabled - fault gone
    Installed different Virus program - Cured
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  3.    21 Jan 2016 #23

    Interesting. I'm hanging on to this laptop for now as, although John Lewis has said they'll replace it, this model is no longer in stock and anything similar that they do have in (HP, mainly) is inferior in specification.
    Also, at the risk of counting my chickens, the display problems haven't happened for a couple of days now.

    Is it at all possible that one of the Windows Updates that have been installed recently could have sorted any display driver problem?
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  4.    22 Jan 2016 #24

    Hi Jbr. Reinstalled Avast to find problem returned. Removed it problem gone again. So do not think update has cured it. Ted
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  5.    22 Jan 2016 #25

    Thanks Tedwards.
    I am running McAfee; the AV programme that came with the computer - a trial version. It has ten more days to run and, after that time is up, I intend to download a free AV programme to replace it.
    The one I have been using on my older laptop is Avast (free) which caused no problems (apart from the frequent pop-ups asking very nicely whether I'd like to buy the full version!). Mind you, that was running Windows 7. Perhaps Windows 10 won't like it!

    If it does cause the problem to re-emerge, I'll certainly try a different AV programme.
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  6.    24 Jan 2016 #26

    there have been no ernd of problems with intel on board graphics and win 10 its a driver issue and intel are dragging their heels catching up , if its a prebuilt system or a laptop some manufacturers have a beta driver on their sites
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  7.    27 Jan 2016 #27

    Further to my last, I have just removed McAfee and installed Avast (free). Immediately, I noticed that the laptop would not shut down correctly: the screen went black but the power button remained lit, similar to what would happen if the computer had gone to sleep but I could not get it to re-awaken. The only thing I could do was to hold down the power button until it went off. Then, when I turned it on again, it took several minutes to start up, initially with a blank screen.
    Later on, I ran a McAfee removal tool that I found on the internet. Although I had removed McAfee in the normal way via control panel, it appears that remnants of McAfee were still on the computer. After running the removal tool, thankfully, the computer is back to running normally.

    I know from much earlier experience that Norton used to hang on to my computer like grim death. Now I know that McAfee does something similar. It seems to me that these 'paid for' AV software products may be designed to resist any attempts at removal as much as possible in order to retain control of their customers!
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  8.    27 Jan 2016 #28

    Try the generic driver for the chipset... It has fixed the issue for me whereas the Lenovo provided one kept crashing...
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  9.    28 Jan 2016 #29

    I'm afraid that the problems returned, so I telephoned John Lewis's technical support line. It seems that Tedwards was quite correct about Avast: JL told me that the best thing to do would be to remove Avast and rely on Windows Defender, which is built in to Windows 10. His advice was that there is no need for any independent AV programme, paid for or free, as Windows Defender is perfectly capable of doing the job and, in fact, it is what he personally uses.
    So, I'm hoping that my worries may be at an end. I was going to return the laptop for a refund but, as JL assured me, the problem is without doubt a software issue and a similar thing could occur with another computer. Even so, he agreed that I am perfectly free to return the laptop for a refund if I wish. I'm sure he is correct about the source of the problem and, in addition, I like this particular laptop and haven't seen another that offers the same facilities and technical features for a similar price, and so I have decided to keep it. I'm happy that, should any problems occur in the future (at least for the next two years) I shall have access to experts who I am convinced are very capable people.
    I wouldn't buy a laptop (or many other products for that matter) from anywhere other than John Lewis for that very reason.
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  10.    03 Mar 2016 #30

    I have been looking around in different forums and i see that adding a dword regkey called TdrRelay with the value 8 at this path(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers) seems to solve the problem for some. Anyone tried it?
    Ref: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2665946
    Ref: https://community.amd.com/thread/180166
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