Display driver stopped responding and has recovered, shows wrong drive

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  1.    14 Jan 2016 #11

    well i started getting the same message, in this link How to Fix the Error | OSToto

    there is more than one method to tackle that problem, what really worked with me was method number 3.
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  2.    14 Jan 2016 #12

    Thank for the reply Maxiq.
    There seem to be several methods of addressing the problem there, many relating to old computers. The annoying thing is that mine is a little over one week old and shouldn't be suffering from such problems.
    However, I have approached Toshiba who have sent me a file to install - presumably some sort of update to the graphics software. I'll give it a try.
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  3.    14 Jan 2016 #13

    I don't suppose anyone's interested but, just to put this to bed, I have e-mailed Toshiba who were good enough to send me a display driver update. I have now installed this and the display is working properly, although I must give it time to ensure that the problem has been solved.
    I just ought to question, though, whether a brand new computer should have had all of its software up to date before being released.
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  4.    15 Jan 2016 #14

    Sorry to raise this again, but the problem has re-occurred so I e-mailed Toshiba again.
    Contrary to their earlier help, I received a businesslike response stating that they don't bother with software and that I should contact their 'premium support service'.
    I have no intention of paying for something that wasn't right when I bought the computer, whether hardware or software. They had already admitted that the display driver needed updating and, in addition, I noticed that the error messages I received mentioned Windows 8. I find it annoying that a brand new and expensive laptop with Windows 10 pre-installed should have been supplied with outdated software.
    I have replied to Toshiba, explaining all of this, and await their response.
    Fortunately, I bought the computer from John Lewis who are known to provide good customer support, even if Toshiba are not prepared to do this. I also subscribe to Which Legal Advice and so, if necessary, I shall ask them for their advice.
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  5.    16 Jan 2016 #15

    landtank said: View Post
    this didn't help me that much if at all. After reading every post on the web about this problem over the last month or so I did a fresh install of windows ten as I was working with an upgrade install. Still having the problem along with hangups and reboots with various kernal errors and other junk.

    Ended up being a setting in my bios! A default setting is to not be using a PnP operating system which the bios then assigns the addresses. Once I switched that to ON my problems have gone away.

    I'm terribly sorry to bother you at this much later time in this thread, but as a complete noob at this sort of thing, I'm afraid I need to ask something. What setting did you change in your bios, and did you have to attempt any non-conventional methods in order to do so? I appreciate the significantly higher assistance that you've provided than the majority of people who actually work for these companies, but without this bit of knowledge, I cannot move forward. Thank you.
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  6.    18 Jan 2016 #16

    I contacted John Lewis technical support this afternoon and, after a full explanation of the problem and a few questions from them, they said that there was obviously something wrong with the laptop and said they would replace it.

    Unfortunately, the same model (P70-B-11p) is no longer in stock at Lewis's. I couldn't help but wonder whether this might be because of others having the same problem as mine! So I can wait up to a couple of weeks and see if they have any back in stock, go for an HP Envy 17-n109na (at exactly the same price, but possibly not quite as good a spec), or take their alternative offer of a full refund.

    Does anyone have any experience of this latter computer and know whether it compares favourably to the Toshiba?

    I'd just like to add that I am very impressed with the response of John Lewis which is far superior to the derisory response I got from Toshiba. They may make good laptops but, in my opinion, their customer support stinks.
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  7.    18 Jan 2016 #17

    If you look at the properties sheet EVENTS tab. The list of events start from earliest and goes down to the last.
    The first event says 'requires further installation'
    The last line says 'device installed'
    (Those who upgraded over a previous install could have the text 'device migrated')
    The final line in this event list is the end of the event so has the final information.
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  8.    18 Jan 2016 #18

    'JBR123' did you go to Toshiba's website and download the Win 10 graphic driver for your model? I'm assuming it was manufactured within the last year or so, and, if that is the case, they should provide Win 10 drivers for the hardware/some software installed.

    Then, do exactly as 'ace1user' has outlined. Only thing i would add is to install newest driver also in Safe Mode. DDU will clean up all previous graphic card files/registry entries, etc. so you have a clean slate, so to speak in which to start fresh.

    I've had to do it 2 - 3 times as Windows pushed later versions of AMD drivers which caused my laptop fits. I had to use an earlier driver put out by Acer in order for the BSODs and other weird problems caused by the graphics drivers pushed on me!

    Good luck!
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  9.    19 Jan 2016 #19

    Thanks for the additional information. As John Lewis have said they will replace the product, I don't really need to go to a lot of trouble now.
    My only remaining question is which alternative laptop to go for.
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  10.    20 Jan 2016 #20

    I'm having the same issue when trying to launch Left 4 dead 2 at a small resolution so I can get high FPS... Fiddled with drivers and its still not working on my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 540
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