Great advice ,
I think i starting looking for the a budget gpu that would at at least run my new 1440 monitor at a level that my current gpu would run my 1080 monitor.
My major concern became if i install it and it doesnt do that i would regret not spending a bit more.
And has now evolved to make sure that it does and maybe even more.
So my list has changed over the last few days .
To put it another way for eg , im concerned that the 1660ti will match my old setup but with no room for improvement, the gtx 2060 has the bells and whistles and the price i dont need , but something like the vega 54 is in between these model both in price and performance.
I usually dont procrastinate this much , but when buying my new monitor i went for the budget model at the same size , different brand and lower resolution than i really wanted , it was terrible and i was regretful.
I was lucky i was able to swap it for then one i really wanted for a bit more money and am now very happy with it.
i have 16 gb ram, i7-7700 cpu and 300gb ssd, which i think is ok for now .
Alot of cards are hard to find or discontinued in the range between the 1660ti and the 2060, i will keep looking but im getting closer haha.