I understand that Windows 10's DWM forces v-sync and triple buffering on every program and game running in Windowed mode. My problem is that I have recently gotten a 144hz monitor and I am now using my 60hz monitor as a secondary.

However, when a video is playing on my second monitor or anything that requires GPU acceleration, it limits the Hz on my main monitor to 60.

I've already tried setting my main monitor to a multiple of the lowest refresh rate, which would be 120hz. That only fixes the stuttering, not the Hz locking.

I cannot plug my secondary 60hz monitor to my integrated GPU since my motherboard (HP Tampa2 8437 Z370) doesn't support IGPU and doesn't let me activate integrated GPU alongside my dedicated GPU.

I'm aware running games on exclusive fullscreen mode on my main monitor doesn't lock the framerate to 60 when something is playing on my secondary monitor, however that is not a solution as many games I play basically require to be windowed. And my usage style requires games to be run in windowed borderless.

Is there a way to turned off forced v-sync on Windows 10, or is downgrading to Windows 7 the only solution to this god-forsaken issue?