Internal GPU IntelHD 520 in Yoga 900 crashes PC

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    Internal GPU IntelHD 520 in Yoga 900 crashes PC

    Hello, I have an 3y old Lenovo Yoga 900.
    I reset the whole OS and cleared ALL data to insure there is no problem from any software. But it keeps crashing. The screen flashes shortly to a black screen and all services stop (bluetooth connections get disconnected, flash and HDD stop copying cause LED stops flashing) I hard reset after that and boot it up again and nothing... no crash report what so ever and everything seems normal again... till i trigger it again by opening 2 programs like any fullscreen application or video, picture editing program.

    I downloaded the Lenovo test program. CPU, RAM, Battery etc. is OK it says.
    But when I run a GPU memory and stress test the laptop crashes instantly. Nothing else is running.
    The newest drivers are installed after the reset.

    The monitor sometimes flickers as well as there would be a connection problem with the display.

    Does anyone knows what that causes? Is it possible to fix that without buying a new processor? What diagnose report do you need for more information?

    Thank you in advance for your help
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    Hi Globetrottersln. Welcome to the TenForums @globetrottersln

    That very much sounds like a hardware issue if Lenovo diagnostics won't run. I would do some serious checking around to see if any components are on sockets. I would imaging they have been solder in likely meaning a motherboard replacement.

    Sounds like you already have your data backed up which is good.

    Not sure how you feel about tearing a device down, you could check YouTube videos.

    Then of course there is the cost benefit analysis.

    Let's see if other members have different opinion.
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    An iGPU like you have is physically on the same chip as the CPU. The video RAM is part of the installed RAM i.e. shared.
    The CPU/iGPU is most likely soldered in to the MOBO.
    The iGPU is used all the time so it is a bit odd that running a specific bit of software causes it to crash.
    "The newest drivers are installed after the reset. "
    What do you mean by that ? Have you used some odd uninstaller and installed a driver from Intel or something ?
    You should be using Graphics drivers supplied by Lenovo and Windows updates, they won't be the newest but they should work.
    So what happens in that case ?

    Have you scanned the HDD recently, it should be OK but you never know when it might fail.
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    I installed the Drivers via the Intel driver helper tool. I will test if any other drivers will cause the same problem.
    Thanks for the answer.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I installed the driver from the Lenovo website. But there is still no difference. The only way to avoid a crash is run the laptop in safe mode or disable/unistall the Display adapter in the device manager. Then i can start using my programs as much as possible without a gpu.
    But without disabling i can't even open my start menu without crashing the pc.
    What can I do?
    Or do you think the cpu/gpu is just faulty?
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    Are lenovo's diagnostic a standalone process you boot to? If so and they fail I think it is hardware.

    If you want to see if this is software related you could create a Windows recovery disk

    Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk

    Boot from it, ensure display adapter is showing in device manager and test.

    You might also try another OS, say Ubuntu. Don't install it on your device, just try it. Should give you option when you boot.

    If it crashes in Linux or Windows recovery disk I would again suspect hardware.
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    I put the Power management for my graphics on max battery saver. Now it works fine for now. I will work with that till I bring it to a technician. Thanks for all the help.
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    Max battery saver and it works fine...methinks that the onboard GPU of your processor is already broken.
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    Yes I think so too. But it works fine for now. But thanks for your opinion. Ill have that in mind when I bring it to a PC doctor.
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