PC and TV not connecting via HDMI cable

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    Hello Dennis

    First, some responses to your questions: my wireless connection is not metered, there are no 'other devices' in Device Manager, 'odd indications' are things like ERRORS, device not migrated, some further installation required, problem with camera(s) seem to be dated from 10 May when errors appear.

    Access DISPLAY SETTINGS: either by clicking the CONNECT shortcut in the Action Centre or by going to Settings then Display. It is here that I should be able to link to my 'second display' ie. TV but I get the response it cannot be found. Out of curiosity I tried the option to connect by wireless but also it could not be found. This is odd given that my wireless service is working OK with my PC broadband, my phone, and my Samsung tablet. As I cannot connect my PC to TV with wireless as well as HDMI cable, does that suggest my original problem is not (only) with the HDMI cable but something else? I have read about the need to have MIRACAST enabled devices, but am not clear about this. Chromecast can connect PC to the TV.

    Thanks for the link to your CAMERA driver OV2680. However, the driver I have installed is over a year newer, dated 07//08/2016. I know that in some cases an older driver works when a newer one does not (I had to roll back the audio driver about a year ago after an update). It is Intel(R) although they have given all my drivers a clean bill of health I will get back to them.

    I note you have a CHEWI 10", 2-in-1, similar in many respects to my Cube iWork 10.1" (now DOitALL CUBE). Are you familiar with the specialist / dedicated Chinese PCs and Tablets site where you will find lots of info and forums and help for CHEWI? It is TECHTABLETS.com. Following a favourable review on TECHTABLETS I have had my Cube over 4 years with not much in the way of hardware problems ---- the site compensated for lack of support from Cube until recently, but now responses in the relevant forum have fallen away as users move on to later machines (I guess).
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    clayto said:
    Maybe I should try another driver utility in addition to IOB Booster?
    Yellow in Device Manager = driver problems - and the OP is using 3rd party driver nonsense ?

    Anything with the word 'booster' in it should go straight in the bin IMHO - Registry cleaners, so-called optimizers etc.
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 1909 Build 18363.778

    1 Since there are no 'Other devices' in Device Manager you can at least conclude that there is no other uninstalled/faulty hardware.
    - But please could you describe the Device manager, 'further installation is required' messages & where they appear because I have never seen anything like that in Device manager.
    - Similarly, please describe the other 'odd' indications such as errors & 'device not migrated' that you see there.
    - Does Devices & printers still show an error? Does it provide any additional info about it if you hover over it or open it?

    2 So 'Connect' was an Action centre, Quick action that you had displayed. OK. I do not display it. It does list all detected devices so if your neighbour has a WiDi TV you might well pick that up in its list. So that Samsung TV detection might be a red herring.

    3 Miracast is not needed for HDMI connection to your TV.

    4 Comparisons
    - I still think you should ask somebody else [or your own Android OS] to connect their laptop to your TV just to bowl out the possibility that the problem is caused by a faulty cable/connector. But the fact that you cannot connect by WiFi either does imply that the fault lies elsewhere.
    - And what about connecting to somebody else's TV using your computer & your HDMI cabling?
    - Can you Samsung tablet connect to the TV?

    5 "Chromecast can connect PC to the TV" [sometimes]
    - Is there any discernible pattern to its successful & unsuccessful connections?
    - I don't know anything about Chromecast but the online descriptions I have just found indicate that it is something you connect into your network & into your TV's HDMI connector. If so then this points to the common factor of a problem with the TV's HDMI connector.
    - Can you use your Chromecast & your computer successfully with another TV?

    6 OV2680
    - I am only focusing on this issue because trying to attack the main problem whilst there is another one seems wrong.
    - Does Device manager give you more details about the problem if you hover your cursor over the entries or double-click on them to open their Properties?
    - Since you have the 2016 driver installation file itself, I suggest re-installing it in the hope that it overwrites whatever fault Device manager is indicating. To be completely safe, you ought to make a system image before doing this.
    - You could also try uninstalling the camera entries from Device manager entirely & use the 'delete drivers' option. That will ensure that the decks are clear for your reinstallation.

    7 Yes, I have had a bit of a look in TechTablets before [but it does not have a section on the Hi10 Pro, a different computer to the Hi10 which it does include in its forum].
    - In any case, it could not help with getting the correct drivers from Chuwi because Chuwi are the ones posting the rubbish.
    - This was my first experiment with a tablet so I just chalk it all up to experience.
    - When it eventually dies I will know a lot more about who to buy a tablet-with-keyboard / small laptop from.
    - In the meantime, it continues to do what I wanted [it allows me to have a lightweight, 1Kg, Windows computer with me when away from home].

    8 About the external display problem
    - I think you have said that you have never had it working.
    - The fact that you have an HDMI / MiniHDMI / MicroHDMI connector on your tablet implies that it is supposed to be able to use an external display.
    - You might usefully check the manual & online support sites just to find any report about using an external display just to confirm that it really is able to do it.
    - If, unlike me, you still have your Android OS on the tablet as well you might try connecting that to the TV. If that succeeds then you will have narrowed down the cause of the problem to a Windows issue [not the TV, not the cabling-connectors]. That would be a step forward.
    - Just to get some standard things out of the way, run SFC and a Repair install.
    - If you have confirmed the problem as a Windows one that is not fixed by SFC or a Repair install then that brings you straight back to the display driver. Are you able to reinstall the latest original one from the computer maker just in case there is a non-standard aspect to its configuration that only the OEM's version is able to cope with?

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    Hello Denis --- there is a lot here to consider, so thank you very much! I will respond in a number of posts as I try different things.

    First I really should have tried the PC with the Android as I have done it before, to establish I do not have a hardware issue, for example when I was told the SSD must have failed I proved otherwise by running the Android. This is now a major reason for not uninstalling Android even though I have a later Samsung Android tablet. I have had the Cube for over four years, using it all day almost every day, with almost no hardware issues so nothing to complain of there ---- Windows is another story.

    Picking up a TV from a neighbour is quite possible, as I get a list of a half dozen wifi connections apart from my own.

    I will check with Android next, after confirming Chromecast is still connecting. It does use 1 of 3 HDMI ports on the TV. At the same time I will try the other port, just in case.
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    Some progress to report. I tried the cable in all 3 TV HDMI reports, with no connection established. Chromecast is still working , when it is connected to the TV HDMI port number 1,2,,3 confirming the fault is not with the TV. Then with Android running, the HDMI cable connection worked and the TV displayed the PC screen. And in addition the cameras worked too.

    So this must mean both the HDMI and the camera(s) issue is with Windows. Presumably the cameras have a different driver for the cameras when used by Android. I have some limited knowledge of dealing with drivers in Windows 10 (updating, etc.) but none at all with Android. Now I have to work on finding how to get the cameras working by finding the right repair for Windows. Until the last couple of days I have not used the cameras since the October update, which arrived in February, so I suspect this might be another consequence of the update, similar to having lost all sound after a previous update --- which was resolved by rolling back to an earlier driver, not a new one.
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    "Presumably the cameras have a different driver for the cameras when used by Android" - Yes. Android works completely independently of Windows.

    Success with Android is progress as it confirms what you suspected, that this is a Windows issue.

    I'll keep watching for your post about SFC and a Repair install.

    Best of luck,
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