Custom Driver : Intel GMA 4500 MHD Extreme Plus - by nIGHmAYOR

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    Custom Driver : Intel GMA 4500 MHD Extreme Plus - by nIGHmAYOR

    * This project had been legacied and is kept for those with older builds of Windows under no support from my behalf , for updated version please follow this link :
    Custom Driver : Intel GMA 4500 M / MHD Extreme Plus 2 - by nIGHmAYOR

    Intel GMA 4500 MHD Extreme Plus (by nIGHTmAYOR)

    Full Name : Intel (R) Graphics Media Accelerator Family

    Aliases : Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD Driver for Windows 10

    Version : 107.0.777.64 (2993/2869 Mod)

    Rebranded : Intel (R) HD Graphics Family

    1 - Make sure you have System Restore enabled before installation for safety

    2 - Also it is recommended to have the latest mother board Bios installed

    3 - No there are no expected crashes or hassles but if any occur do note you may need to consult forums on fixing Windows corruption than rather thinking the driver is corrupted

    4 - Run the steps according to their exact numbers

    5 - Always use run as Administrator to Run a step

    6 - Starting step 1 the PC will restart so make sure you save all your work

    7 - Folder : Extra Tweaks hold additional performance tweaks that are useless

    8 - If you have already installed several other drivers and this one fail to install , a probable cause might be you need to remove previous drivers , if found to be hard try to update to Windows default driver (The WDDM) first

    9 - A red dialogue should pop up to inform you that you are about to install an unsigned driver where you have to click install to that , it's what we are doing here anyways

    10- Some Anti-Viruses have odd features called "Containment" or "Run Virtual" and sometimes these take control and setup the driver in a virtual machine like environment and not really install it (Example Comodo or Kaspersky) in all cases if you want to ease up your life just disable your Anti-Virus during setup , you can always scan the driver first just to make sure everything is clean and to note , this one shouldn't be hated by any Anti-Virus as it is constructed from all official files

    11- When all steps are done make sure to enable Intel Control Panel through Right Clicking Desktop > Graphics Property or alternative translation

    12- Enabling Tray Icon is accessible through : Right Clicking Desktop > Graphics Options or alternative translation

    13- If you can't find Graphics Properties / Options do re-install the driver

    14- It is better to make sure Intel Control Panel is set to the following :
    3D > Custom Settings > Checked
    3D > Texture Quality > Performance
    3D > Anisotropic Filtering > Application Settings
    3D > Vertex Processing > Default Settings
    3D > Vertical Sync > On
    Power > Plugged In > Maximum Performance

    15- That's it , you are done , dismissed

    16- This driver was tested on Windows 10 1809 if a future release breaks it then do not nag for fix as you might hardly praise me if it works


    ****If you are into reading and history blahs read this :****

    This is a decent port of the Intel (R) Graphics Media Accelerator 4500 MHD Driver for Windows 10 64 bit, while backward compatible with most other platforms (Except for XP) I have not tested it but on Windows 10 .

    There are no plans to do follow ups nor fixes (nothing needs to be fixed really) as this is the final squeeze of the lemon to the driver that fixes all other glitches found in previous ports / accelerated version attempted for Windows 10 .

    I am not a wizard , if you do not have 8 GBs of RAM you will still suffer accelerated the driver is or not . It does run well on 4 GBs of RAM but then do not ask much from it other than running basic games and normal tasks .

    There is no 32 bit version as in this era staying with an OS that can only handle 3 GBs of RAM while the GPU itself require 1.759 GBs of shared memory meaning any attempt to use such platform is a joke .

    You might think but isn't using an integrated graphics chip in 2019 a joke?!
    Surprising this driver is capable of running most store games at 45 fps average , this isn't magic but apparently most of these games are optimized for tablet performance and tablets seem to not be very resourceful making their performance seeming equivalent to an integrated graphics chip .

    This release has been a collaboration of work and thoughts of several developers including me like the guys behind PHDGD moded driver & IncrediblE where I attempted to break down their approaches and fix the leaks .

    This release fix the following :

    1 - OpenGL errors / games will not start because of OpenGL (from PHDGD)

    2 - Windows crashing on resuming from Hibernation or Sleep (from IncrediblE)

    3 - Absence of Intel Control Panel User Interface (by nIGHTmAYOR)

    4 - Crashing SearchUI.exe when Cortana is Enabled (by nIGHTmAYOR)

    5 - Upgrading to latest Control Panel v.2993 (by nIGHTmAYOR)

    6 - Inclusion of Intel Turbo Booster & Display Audio (by nIGHTmAYOR)

    7 - Mild Over-Clocking (from IncrediblE)

    8 - Input Lag (by nIGHmAYOR)

    9 - Registry Optimization for Gaming (from PHDGD)

    10- Absence of Power Options support (by nIGHTmAYOR)

    Known Issues :

    1 - This driver will not run any game that requires graphics memory above 1.75 GBs (example Asphalt 9)

    2 - Surprisingly this driver can operate games optimized for Nvidia and AMD better than the ones optimized for Intel as now intel is using moded version 9 of OpenGL and this driver version of OpenGL is 4 but still they will run normally

    3 - Do not expect the unexpected , I can't make this piece of crap beat an Nvidia or an I9 , I am just giving you a smooth entry to Windows 10

    4 - Glu games released past August 2018 may show Input Lag (of keyboard that can not be fixed because it is somehow deliberate despite their games running at 45 fps using this driver)

    5 - As per Windows design on creating a new user you might need to re-install the driver to have accessibility to context menu and tray icon again (because somehow windows manage to do a silent re-installation of the driver without signature flag removed for no valid reason)

    6 - Re-installing the driver further on can be a breath through device manager saved copy in drivers store , just click same driver installed and it will re-install

    7 - There is something important I can't seem to remember that should be here

    8 - And probably here

    Special thanks to the guys behind PHDGD and IncrediblE , if it wasn't for your crappy drivers I wouldn't have to write my own and P.S Royal BNA driver has a trojan so I haven't used any of their blahs , the *******s ...


    a. This is a driver I made for a toddler whose parents didn't want to buy him a real PC but persisted that I should help him with it , so yea there are a couple of drivers out there that can help it port to windows 10 but the problems they add are greater than the ones they solve . so anyways since I realized that , I decided to share the driver I made him with the rest of you in case someone come to need it .

    b. Consider this driver a beta until someone reports back it gave him no problems

    c. And no personal demands , I didn't like the project one bit .





    Q - Does this driver work for Intel GMA 4500 M / Intel GMA X4500 / Intel GMA X4500 HD?
    A - Yes , the X well before was how the GPU was named upon release then Intel changed it later to M , the 4500 M GPU has a speed of 400 MHz while the 4500 MHD GPU have a speed of 533 MHz but the rest of the chip functions all about the same , Intel even have the same driver listed for both .

    Q - Would Mild Over-Clocking mentioned ruin my CPU over time ? I wouldn't use a decade old PC if i could buy another !
    A - This GPU in particular is locked for overclocking , however I found that the guys behind IncrediblE were able through a trick increase its voltage by 0.1 volt (mild over-clocking) , this in particular introduce a performance gain = to 2~3% and temperature increase = to 0.5~1C , while this is quite negligible I still managed to include it as every squeeze for performance gain count in such severe case of a relic GPU . For those skeptical I managed to include a registry file in a folder named "Extra Tweaks" to disable it so i suggest you do since you are so much worried .

    Q - I Have 4 GBs of RAM and when I play a certain game I get booted out somewhere in the middle is there a fix ?
    A - If by now you haven't noticed my quote here :
    I am not a wizard , if you do not have 8 GBs of RAM you will still suffer accelerated the driver is or not . It does run well on 4 GBs of RAM but then do not ask much from it other than running basic games and normal tasks .
    Then please notice it now , this is not 2008 any more , Windows 10 can be memory hungry and even the GPU require shared memory of 1.759 GBs how do you expect all that add up when you are playing a serious game ? Luckily early generation DDR3 and also DDR2 Rams depending on your board support are now being sold for a fraction of its price back in the days , and is guaranteed to give you good performance on Windows 10 as the majority of the users who has it stated .

    Q - Should I really upgrade this old tech or save the money for new one ?
    A - This is an economical question only you can answer , depending weather if there is another family member who can benefit from this PC if you upgrade or in case saving for new process might take a while or you may need a backup PC for in the future to test or whatever .

    Q - Are there any other tips recommended to boost this PC performance even more ?
    A - There are only two I can think of , first is to update your IDE/ATAPI Controller driver in device manager to something other than the generic one Windows provide which may maximize data bandwidth rate and may boost Windows performance in general , also there is an ancient tool named SetFSB which can boost the bus speed by a margin leading to an over all marginal better performance , also pausing / disabling windows restore while playing a game may improve play dramatically but techs do not like to advice it because who knows what may happen .



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    I am sorry but hosted download site is swarming with possible malware. Avoid it.
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    Sounds about right for 4shared.
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    eLPuSHeR said:
    I am sorry but hosted download site is swarming with possible malware. Avoid it.
    Well it's the only one I know that wouldn't bring the file down if not downloaded over a period span , I do not have plans to maintain it for life , is just a one time setup and go , on a side notice do not download anything else from there but the driver :)
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    Upload it at google drive, it won't be touched.
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    We Will - We Will - HELP YOU !!
    I have other posts where I need help for real
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    The modded drivers is for xp era. How it is possible to someone to install a modded driver without certificate in win 10 64?
    Do u expect to disable signature enforcement?
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    boombastik said:
    The modded drivers is for xp era. How it is possible to someone to install a modded driver without certificate in win 10 64?
    Do u expect to disable signature enforcement?
    leave the questions to someone who actually need the driver please , and probably those will find things so smooth they won't have any :)
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    I just made this account to say this, Thanks nIGHTmAYOR!
    I really didn't expect much from this driver because I downloaded many others and they failed, I thought this one won't work too, but boy was I wrong, this driver not only worked but also boosted my fps in a lot of games than my old driver did on Windows 7, For anyone reading through the comments to see if it worked for other people or if its just a virus, download this driver right now! I rarely use this PC mainly because its slow and pretty old but this driver made me change that! I am not saying that this driver literally made my PC a Gamer PC but it made it significantly faster than what it was before, so far there hasn't been any issues (More like it fixed old issues i used to have) so yeah,
    Thanks again nIGHTmAYOR this helped me a lot!
    -Tested on intel(r) q45/q43 express chipset
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    Download isn't working on the 4shared link. Says it was removed either because invalid link or because it broke their terms of service or whatever. Please fix :)
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