Color Profile corrupt? - Been trying to solve for months

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    Color Profile corrupt? - Been trying to solve for months

    Hey all,
    I have done all troubleshooting possible, and my color profile is just BAD. On my account it's bad, shows RED as a PINKish color. All other colors look fine. But on my Admin account, colors are great. The Admin profile is setup exactly like mine, using the same files. Since both Admin and my acct are using the same files, that leaves the color profile/color management settings to be corrupt.
    Have been on a few forums, done a zillion searches and had a couple of chats w/ Microsoft. Today I got a good tech support guy at Msft and he concluded that my profile has to be corrupt - so that's 2 people that agree on the problem. Doesn't make it true, but it's something I haven't tried yet.
    He suggested I make a new user account and copy my color profile to the new user, and see if the colors are OK there. I had just setup the new user, and we got disconnected on chat.
    My dilemma now is, I don't know where my current color profile is stored. I would assume it's under my user profile, but it's not visible to me. And yes, I'm showing hidden files (not gonna leave a huge space for a shot at me!!)
    Does anybody know where the user's color profile is stored? I'd really appreciate some help. I plan to do a Windows Reinstall because I have some other problems, but I just don't have time to do reinstall now. I can get by for another week or so with my other issues. But I have to get my RED back to RED because I'm putting some things up for sale, and several of them are RED.
    Thanks for any help. You guys are my last hope, or I just don't sleep for a couple of nights and do the Windows reinstall now.....
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    I have four copies of the file for my color profile

    Hi BKnight,
    Thanks for your response, but I'm afraid it's not that simple. I know that path is where all or most color profiles exist, but I'm going to attach a couple of shots to show you my problem. And this is why I think my user COLOR PROFILE is sick/corrupt.
    I created another user acct and went into color mgmt, and it indeed showed the defaults that I had set in my color management. So my Test account had or Should have, the same files that I'm using. But my current Samsung has 4 different paths where the .icm file exists.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	monitor driver paths.jpg 
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    The problem I'm having which is forcing me to install Windows again - I've lost most of my rank. I can't go into device mgr - one example, can't go into Settings - Period. Can't pin to taskbar and more. But I really wanted to get this red issue fixed and install Windows next week when I have more time.

    So even though that arrow points to where my color profile SHOULD be, I can't be certain of it. The directory that says DriverStore\File Repository - The only monitors in that path is my current Samsung, and my previous one. So heck, who knows. Windows might have chosen to use that file.
    Do any of you know how I could SEE what drivers are installed for my monitor in my user account? I don't know where else to look except device manager.
    I have tried a different monitor for my color profile - it's one I've been using for several years. It's in Adobe's Recommended list and has always worked fine. If you guys can tell me how to see which version of the file I'm using, I could at least force it to use a different file. But I have doubts it's a file problem.
    Also, if I learn that I'm using the file from the default path, then I must have a color profile that's corrupt. I suppose the only way to fix that is to do an In Place upgrade, and I may as well go ahead and install Windows if that's my only way to fix the profile.

    Thanks for any help. Once again.

    If I could go into device mgr in MY account, I could verify the path of the file that it's using.
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    To check what color profile is active - from the command prompt, or simply from the Run command ... type: colorcpl

    From you you have stated above, and if you cannot perform that command, then reinstalling Windows would probably be the best plan.
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    I did the colorcpl and it brought up the color profile that I put in place. I even changed the profile to use my old file that has been on my PC forever ( or at least I've never changed profile before - on my laptop or desktop)
    That made no difference.
    The color profile is a virtual file, right? I mean in my mind it has to be because it's made up of 2 files, maybe more. So I think I know the answer to my next questions:
    Can you delete a color profile? or since I know the profile using same files as mine works in the Admin account and the Test account I created - can you copy a color profile ​from one account to another?
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