I had a defective Radeon R9 380 GPU that was a constant headache freezing, It was replaced with an ASUS ROG-STRIX RX580 08G. It also occasionally would freeze. I made the mistake of loading the ASUS supplied drivers. I should have know better with my experience with the ASUS Xonar Essence STX soundcard drivers. It tried to load version 17.x.x of the Radeon drivers. But it also loaded Direct X, and C++ drivers, something I have never seen with the direct AMD Radeon drivers. The computer was unusable. I had no choice but to do a reset, with saved files. After this was done I realized that ASUS had somehow loaded older copies of DirectX, and C++. I very much like ASUS stuff but their drivers are a joke. I am not sure if the wrong DirectX, and C++ caused the problem but a check might help. With the reset everything is working great. In the future I think I will do a reset if I am replacing a GPU just to make sure everything is up to date. Given Windows trials and tribulations with their updates it can't hurt. Being able to keep your files when loading a fresh install of Window 10 makes it much easier than in the past.