What are the virtues of getting a 1080 Ti Desktop over buying a PS4 ?

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    What are the virtues of getting a 1080 Ti Desktop over buying a PS4 ?

    so i am into gaming and then a couple of years ago i went for a laptop that had an nvidia 840m chip which wasnt so bad since it came with dedicated 4 gigs of ram , but then it started struggling with new titles that 1 year and a half ago i got myself another that has 1050 Ti card which to my surprise had minimal improvement despite being 2 generations ahead , i started investigating then everybody started mentioning that if i just want to keep up with games i have to have either a 1080 Ti or better a 2080 Ti desktop , now those had been around 1.5k $ a year ago and now they are ranging 0.8k to 1.2k $ , through out this whole period my brother had a PS4 that was like 400 $ and it kept him happily playing all titles 1080p for same entire period where he is now considering upgrading to the 4K version which wouldn't cost him a fraction of what i am paying , it now makes me wonder , why do we have to pay so much to get not even close to a PS4 performance ? but surely i am missing something else nvidia wouldn't be pricing just a graphic card at such price mind you the rest of the rig without a virtue i am surely missing somewhere , right ?
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    Ok, a few misconceptions here.

    1) A Graphics card is a big part of a gaming machine, but it's only one part. It doesn't matter to keep upgrading forward if the interface (mainboard) and the cpu are causing issues or bottlenecks in conjunctions with the gpu. Not to mention cabinet air pressure and airflow and memory type, capacity and channels. A PS4 is built for gaming, a computer can be built for home, office, production and gaming.

    2) The people who said to you that you need a 1080 Ti or a 2080 Ti for gaming is either lying or are ignorant. You definitely don't need either. I have a 1070 that I bought for $350 2 years ago and I am running games at ultra 1080p just fine, even at 1440p. And this is at greater framerates above 60, something a stock PS4 can barely achieve in a handful of games due to it running a custom AMD Jaguar processor from 2013, so does the PS4 Pro, and the Xbox One X for that matter. It leans into what I mention in my first statement: A GPU is only one part of a system for gaming. Consoles also make heavily use of a whole spectrum of technologies to make games run on them, like checkerbox-rendering, dynamic resolutions and shader points. They also don't run at high quality settings compared to what a PC can achieve on ultra. Usually they are hovering at the medium range, with a set to higher textures because they have good memory buffer.

    3. The original PS4 has 1.8 floating-points calculations in compute performance, similar to a Radeon HD 7850, a card from 2012. In comparison the 1080 ti have 11.3. The RTX 2080 Ti have 13.4. Of course we can't take the teraflops and have an exact performance measurement in gaming since consoles are built as a single unit, but the point I am making is that a console can achieve great performance levels on low to average hardware because it's optimized for it. A PC can have thousands of different configurations developers need to take into account. Optimization is key to make use of the available hardware. With that said, looking at this statistically, an original PS4 doesn't even come close to the raw performance of a 1080 Ti or a 2080 Ti.
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    I agree with @Faith -

    If you could get yourself a great deal on a GTX 1080 (not the Ti - which is a bit buggy in my opinion) that's what I would choose.
    GTX 1070 is also a great card. One important item is the spec on memory bandwidth in bits. You want your card to match the Mobo in this aspect.

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    The 1080ti is for wimps. Serious gamers would prefer this one: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/titan/t...t-ndtnrx-69282 Preferably two in SLI.

    Consoles can be surprisingly high tech. I recall when the US government tried to place export controls on the PS3 because of the strengths of the Cell processors (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_(microprocessor)) that ran it.
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    I am seeing that you are neglecting the point , if a ps4 is more optimized , performs better and yet cheap , on the other hand a competing pc system is at least 3 times its price (judging that a pc that a 1070 gpu is as good) which is not optimized since hardware and drivers can be random so what is the point of sticking to pc gaming ? the mixture of using a pc as a word processor / browser combined with gaming ability verses having a cheap laptop + ps4 ?
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    What I am neglecting? The 1070 isn't even equal to a PS4, a Radeon HD 7850 is, or a RX 460, or a GTX 660. You can get or build a whole PC to the same price as a PS4 with equal theoretic performance (there's plenty of people who have done that over the years), but since the PC is a configuration compared to a PS4 that's the configuration the PS4 have a greater advantage to optimization because it's easier to develop games on a single unit. Console manufacturers also have better deals on the parts they are using, reducing costs. Sometimes they may sell consoles in loss so that they can get more users on their services and platforms instead. Price is a bit of an issue when comparing PCs to consoles, it's a bit muddy, but they are definitely not three times more expensive for the same performance as consoles. If you are building a system that is similar to a PS4 in price and performance, you could back then and you can today.

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    Faith said: View Post

    Sometimes they may sell consoles in loss so that they can get more users on their services and platforms instead.


    According to this article, the manufacturing cost of a PS4 is $18 less than its list price. Factoring in distribution and other costs, Sony presumably loses money on every PS4 they sell.
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    PC = Computer
    Game console = Toy.
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    I have gamed with a PS4, my brothers. I have gamed with a 1070 until a few months ago moved up to a 1080Ti. The current 1080Ti games far better, and is worth the price to me.

    If a PS4 is a good experience for you, then nothing is wrong with that. Seeing how this a forum with more computer users here you can guess what most prefer.
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    Dude said: View Post
    I have gamed with a PS4, my brothers. (snip)
    Do your droogs also run high-end gear?
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