Monitor/display will not turn off Solved

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  1.    19 Jan 2016 #81

    Cannot Manually Turn Off SCreen

    pylyshyn said: View Post
    I have read everything ever written on ways to turn the screen off and on in Windows 10 and I am sad to say that none of them work. The screen coming on after an automatic off (as set on the Power panel) has been associated with a Black Screen in my experience so I would rather turn the screen off/on manually (on my old setup I could turn the power off at the display itself but I can't on the all inclusive one-piece computer/monitor of the DELL XPS 2720). The Closest I have come to this is to use the control panel to "preview" a screen saver but that is clumsy in both turning the screen off and turning it on again. I have tried the programs that are alleged to turn off the screen and they do not work. There must be SOME way to do this obvious operation as there used to be in earlier Windows!
    Thanks for the suggestions AmigaRoots and Ronwaz - but download and run the special program described in the replies does not work on Windows10 nor does resetting the startup since for me the purpose of the exercise is to avoid the auto-screen-off followed by the auto-screen-on since that caused my system crash before. (and I am not the only one who got a black screen after an auto screen off-on -- check the Forums under Black Screen)
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  2.    29 Jan 2016 #82

    Hey guys,
    i was having the same problem, and i found my fix... turns out i was using slideshow for my background as well as lock screen...

    turned that off on both, and POOF now the screen sleeps again!
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  3.    30 Jan 2016 #83

    Turning SCreen Off Manualy

    mem5000 said: View Post
    Hey guys,
    i was having the same problem, and i found my fix... turns out i was using slideshow for my background as well as lock screen...

    turned that off on both, and POOF now the screen sleeps again!
    Thanks, but neither of these works for me -- I don't have a background slideshow nor do I lock my screen. The best have been able to do so far is preview the blank screen saver (from WINDOWS-X choose SCREEN SAVER => preview) which makes it easy set the screen to on or off manually but that's not the same as preventing the auto on and auto off of the screen which I was hoping to do to prevent the Black Screen problem associated with that automatic event.
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  4.    23 Feb 2016 #84

    Just because it was not mentioned here, I have solved my problem and the solution was not posted anywhere. My issue was with a programme that prevented the monitor from turning off. It's DS4Windows. The tool that allows you to use your PlayStation controller with Windows over bluetooth. You can't leave that tool just on, you have to hit "Stop" when you're done.
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  5.    24 Feb 2016 #85

    I tried many solutions posted on TenForums which did not work on my Windows 10. A promising one was LCD.exe (found by googling "turn off LCD.exe"). It worked fine for a while and created a very dark screen, but then occasionally would not resume without a cold power-off reboot. What finally worked is to set the Screensaver to "blank" and create a desktop shortcut to C:\Windows\System32\scrnsave.scr.
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  6. Posts : 1
    windows 10 64bit
       29 Feb 2016 #86

    My problem is the very opposite, my monitor allways goes blank when the computer is innactive for 5 minutes, and i can't get it to stop doing that, messed in the configs in the monitor benq2430xt, changed to never goes OFF

    In windows 10 i did the same thing in two different places(power management and monitor options) and it didn't help.
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  7.    02 Mar 2016 #87

    Still no fix, I presume? I'm having the same issue. I'm using three monitors and often leave my desk for a while just to come back and monitors are still's driving me nuts.

    Edit: Closed out Google Chrome and my Corsair program and now it's working just fine.
    Last edited by macddy78; 05 Mar 2016 at 04:52.
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  8.    23 May 2016 #88

    Hi everyone, same problem here upgrading from win7 to win10

    in my case at the extabilished time the ""shutdown procedure"" of the monitor starts correctly, the display show me for a second "no signal" that is correct (the same in win7 that worked fine) and then just a millisecond after the monitor don't turn off but it seems that detects immediately a signal from hdmi input and is stays turned on

    my video setup.. sapphire amd radeon R9 380 dual-x and asus vn247h monitor

    i don't have usb joypad or similar plugged in

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  9.    27 May 2016 #89

    i tryed almost everything in my knowledge and found that using an hdmi -> hdmi cable the turn off function works fine

    my setup was hdmi -> DVI cable (boundled with my asus monitor). don't know why windows10 has this issue because with the same hardware (and cable) in windows7 all was working great
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  10.    06 Jun 2016 #90

    Windows 10 not sleeping or displays not turning off

    I had this issue, and couldn't figure out the answer. Anyways, I had a portable bluetooth speaker plugged into the USB port charging, and while it was plugged in my computer would not sleep, and the monitors would not turn off. Anyways, I just unplugged it, and now they work as they did before. So charging this portable bluetooth speaker via USB is what was causing the problem.
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