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    Huffy865 said: View Post
    I have the exact same problem using a Benq monitor.. Haven't been able to figure this problem out.. I don't like having to manually turn my monitor on and off
    Does it also work for you on Safe Mode? I'm guessing there's some Windows 10 component or driver that might cause this on certain systems.
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    Windows 10 Build 10240

    Go to the device manager and look at the properties of each device for a "power management" tab. If there, uncheck both boxes. Later go back and allow your network adaptor (or whatever) to be turned off and maybe allow your keyboard to wake up your computer.
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    Having same issue with one of my systems I upgraded to Windows 10. Actually this system I did an upgrade then I blew that out and did a fresh install. So I have no hold over stuff from 8.1. I have a Asus PB278Q monitor and AMD R9 290X graphics cards. The AMD drivers are the latest Windows 10. My monitor was just using the stock Windows Plug and Play driver which I thought might be causing an issue so I installed a driver from Asus website that I had before, its only Windows 8 driver, they didn't put a Win10 one for this monitor. Still no difference, it wont shut off at all. Have 4 other computers in the house besides this one all on Win10 now and no issues with them.
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    We have AMD in common. I've taken this up to Microsoft and report back in a couple of days. Safe Mode ok for you?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    I am having this problem as well.
    I have also done a clean install to try to solve the problem. Did not help.

    I have gone through device manager, disabled every driver that was not required to operate the computer, it did not help. Also checked the power configuration.

    I have gone through background programs and disabled everything I could from running, did not work.

    Strange thing it works when the system is at the login screen but not when logged in.

    I too have an Asus Monitor PB287Q, in addition to a 2nd screen Samsung TA550.
    I am running UNi Xonar drivers 1.75a for my Asus Xonar Essence STX audio, I thought perhaps the issue was with this? or with the Razor keyboard or mouse driver since it had problems installing initially. But now I am at a loss as nothing seems to fix the problem.

    What chipset drivers are you guys running? I am running Intel Chipset 10.0.27
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    I am having the exact same problem, i was considering doing a clean install but im glad i read this thread first. I am using an asus x99 deluxe, sli 980ti, 1 acer xb280hk(4k) and 2 qnix 2710(1440p). What i noticed odd about it is when i first set it to an amount of time to turn the monitors off at it works. When i come back to the computer and move the mouse it turns back on fine, but that amount of time selected will not work again. Even if i switch it to something else and back it doesn't work.
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    mdmaddux said: View Post
    Go to the device manager and look at the properties of each device for a "power management" tab. If there, uncheck both boxes. Later go back and allow your network adaptor (or whatever) to be turned off and maybe allow your keyboard to wake up your computer.
    Thanks mdmaddux, tried it but problem remains.
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    I did some more testing on this. I'm also on an X99 Chipset, Asus Rampage V Extreme board same chipset drivers as Sethlan. My monitor is connected with DisplayPort connection. I have a second monitor but I have had it off all this time as I don't normally enable it unless I want to use 2 screens.

    One thing I did in testing was I set the time to shut off to 1 minute so I could try several things. I noticed that when I first boot up at the login screen before putting in my password the 1 minute will work fine over and over again. Once I login to Windows it doesn't work anymore, if I logout of my account back into the login screen it works again from the login screen. So something that starts up on login is breaking it.

    Funny a year or so ago there was a AMD driver version I updated to that broke something as well. It making same monitor I have now turn off but would not wake up from sleep unless I power off the monitor with the normal power button and turned it back on. Then it would wake up. A later driver update fixed that. Now I seem to have the opposite, it wont go to sleep. Just found that humorous. :P

    We are all early adopters of this OS so I am not getting too annoyed at this time with its quirks. I was a TechNet subscriber before they got rid of that, I used to always start early with every OS so I have patience for this kind of stuff.
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    Interesting find MaverickSY19, thanks. Confirmed here too, working when logged out.
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    Windows 10, Windows 7 SP1


    I had this problem on Win 7 SP1, and the workaround for me was Wizmo, but for some reason even that doesn't work in Win 10... With 7 I found that Skype seemed to be the conflict, when I would quit Skype I could shut off the monitor and keep it shut off either by idle time or by one of the previously mentioned programs. I really need to find a way to shut the display off now with Skype still running but so far I'm not having any luck.
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