Need Help Fixing MS Tech's Dabbling (Brightness and Drivers)

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    Need Help Fixing MS Tech's Dabbling (Brightness and Drivers)

    Okay the original problem with my computer was that after a windows update a month or two ago, all of the brightness sliders on my computer have disappeared and my brightness is pegged at max. I have to keep night mode on, which as a digital artist makes my job very difficult. The colors are all screwed up with it, so I have to turn it off while I work, thus searing my retinas.

    I would like this problem fixed, and as I found no solutions that worked for me online, I contacted Microsoft support. I told her in detail what the problem was via the chat box that I was directed to. She requested access to my computer to help me. I had to download an app to do so, which didn't work, so she used a different one to download it again herself to get it to work. Then she sat waving my cursor around for about 10 minutes, not saying anything to me, and not doing anything.

    After a while, she told me she was going to escalate it to level 2 and transferred me. This guy gets on and instantly puts me on guard because he typed with such bad typos I could not understand what he was saying. And then he starts talking about WoW because I have the icon on my desktop. I find this strange and very unprofessional. He finally addresses the issue, which I fear now that the first person did not tell him properly what I was looking for. I want my brightness sliders back, and he apparently was just trying to change the brightness. He went and started changing so many of my settings that I feel have nothing to do with this, and would not let me take control of my mouse to ask him what he was doing. He had zero communication with me, and I could not stop what he was doing, as I would need to click on the chat box to type to him. I couldn't do that because he would snatch the mouse back if I tried.

    So he changed a lot of my startup programs, graphics settings, and apparently rolled back my video driver (this is what he said he did, later on the phone), all without telling me or asking me. Then he restarted my computer, again without telling me or asking. Since this ended the chat session, they called me back after a few minutes.

    I was upset that they would do something like this, and told him that I didn't appreciate what he was doing, and that when the owner of the computer wants to take control back, you let them. My screen resolution after the restart is now stuck on a horrible "recommended" setting, where everything is grainy and the colors are off. I cannot change it as the drop-down box is grayed out.

    So I told him that I would like it to be put back the way it was before, and that I just wanted to know if it was possible to get my brightness sliders back. I explained the actual problem I was having, and his response was a monotone, "Oh wow... that's amazing."

    I asked to speak to a manager, and he refused. I asked for his ID, and he refused. I said I would like to talk to someone who can actually help me, he told me to contact Dell.

    I hung up at that point.

    So tl;dr
    1. How do I put my driver back to the state it was in before he rolled it back? I have tried to update it, but it keeps telling me it's current.
    2. Can I or can I not get the brightness sliders back on my computer?
    3. Now at the top of my windows update settings page, it says "Some settings are managed by your organization" and that was never there before.

    How do I undo what this guy did?

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    Browsed some old posts, and I want to Edit to add:
    1. Yes the sliders used to be there
    2. My computer is an Alien desktop
    3. Came with win10
    4. Cannot adjust brightness any more with my monitor, as its already at its dimmest.
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    I apparently can't edit anymore, but I found another problem >-< my sound no longer works! What the heck did this guy do??
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    I believe you were scammed.
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    >> I contacted Microsoft support. << How and where did you do this. I ask because there are a lot of phoney links out there. If it was a phoney site your system has been majorly compromised.
    You may have actually got an "outsourced" Microsoft Support, which IMHO, isn't really Microsoft, and they are for the most part, just script kiddies. That type of support doesn't impress me at all.

    You could try this, Roll Back Driver to Previous Version in Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tutorials
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    1 Consider the possibility that you were scammed, as mentioned by @alphanumeric, in which case you should backup all your own files and reinstall Windows from scratch unless you are able to identify, isolate & remove everything put on there by the scammer.

    2 If they were not scammers but idiots then
    2.1 You might be able to undo some of their work by downloading then installing all your device drivers from Dell [use your Dell Service Tag so you can focus on the correct ones]. This is not the same as just asking Device mgr to check if the driver is the latest one. Reinstalling drivers overwrites what is there and therefore overwrites any problems that have.
    2.2 Since you do not know what Windows settings he changed, you will probably end up reinstalling Windows & all your Dell drivers as a means of getting the computer into a known state.
    2.3 I assume you do not have a system image you could restore? That would have enabled you to recover from the whole problem while having a pot of tea.

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    Guys I clicked the "Get Help" link in the display settings on my computer... if that was a scam then they are quite talented.
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    Ok, that should be fine, other than the one on the other end of things being incompetent. Try the other things we listed, like driver rollback etc.
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    The reason we inquired is that there are countless false links to false Microsoft support sites that will turn up in a web search. And browser pop ups that look like they originate from Microsoft,. or were generated by Windows, etc.
    I get almost monthly "Hello I am from Windows" phone calls. The other party then claims my PC is infected and a threat to the Internet etc. They want remote access to my PC to "fix" it. If you were to give them that access they would "fix it" but good. While looking for any credit card info etc they can find while keeping you on the phone as long as they can.
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    Yeah I get you! I am very careful about who I let screw with my computer. From now on it won't be microsoft, that's for sure.

    I FINALLY found the problem, thanks you guys. He had UNINSTALLED my GeForce driver x-x I got it back and everything works like a dream once again.
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    Glad you got it fixed. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what's wrong. It can be hit or miss too depending on what you try.
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