Help setting 2 displays with different resolutions

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    Help setting 2 displays with different resolutions


    I have an Acer 1440x900 @ 60Hz monitor for my PC connected by VGA to my GTX 650 - I have my LG 1920x1080 @ 60Hz (50Hz compatible) TV connected via a long HDMI cable...

    I currently have the displays mirrored, but the resolution on the TV is the same as the Acer (1440x990 @ 60Hz) and is on JUST SCAN (which is pixel-for-pixel - although while letterboxed, it appears to be stretched up to 1440x1080)

    I wish to use my TV to watch Videos from my PC... but I wish for the Secondary (TV) to be 1920x1080 @ 50HZ (if possible - I can if I use the TV only put it into 50HZ mode, I have reasons for this which I won't go into here)
    so what I am after is this:

    The Primary Display to be the Acer at 1440x900 @ 60Hz
    ...and the Secondary Display to be mirrored, but running at 1920x1080 @ 50Hz

    so that when I want I can watch a video on the secondary display at 50Hz @ 1080p

    I have tried Advanced Properties in the Display Properties but says needs Administrator rights?

    can anyone help me fix this?

    thanks in advance
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    I ran into a similar problem, until I discovered that if I set the display properties to Extended (in Project), then I could set the TV resolution to something different than the laptop screen resolution --because the screen was not mirrored anymore.

    Also, the default text sizing was 150% for the second display, so when I dragged a Window to it, the contained text vanished. By setting the default text sizing to 100% for both displays, when I dragged the video window to the desktop on the TV, the text did not change size.
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    ah so that's where I stumbled, I could drag the movie window across in extended view (going from as far as I could get)

    extended display - Display Properties - advanced properties - on 2nd display set 1920x1080x50hz ...thing is when I tried this it said Administrator needed?
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    OK... So I've managed to accomplish this - but now the computer thinks my TV (HDMI) is Display 1 and Primary ....and my Monitor (VGA) Display 2 is Secondary?? everything opens up on the TV and all desktop icons are on the TV? I need this reversed - its like I want VGA to be Number 1 and HDMI to be number 2... - even setting "use this as my main display" does not change it too Number 1 or move the icons across etc

    guess I will just use Mirror then switch to extended when I want to watch my videos (which when tested, still remained at the correct settings I applied before which was [email protected] on the TV)

    for those want to know, here is a screenshot:

    EDIT: I just want to add...Extended is best than Only on 1 (or 2) as the GPU usage was through the roof for some reason when using GPU intensive DmitriRender Interpolation for videos, it stutters when it cant handle it (hence me wanting 50Hz not 60Hz on TV) - when its extended and I drag the video across and open full screen it acts as normal, but when I use "show on 1" only it stutters playback and GPU usage is much higher???

    Help setting 2 displays with different resolutions-second-display-properties.jpg
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    You can't change the numbers assigned but you can switch which display is primary.
    Settings > System > Display. Select the one you want as Main, then scroll down and put a check mark in the Box for "Make this my Main display".
    Once you do that any program launched for the first time will launch on that monitor. If you then move it to the other monitor, and close it. It should remember that and open on that other monitor the next time you launch it. Windows Media Player seems to be an exception though. I have to drag it over a couple of times before it magically sticks and opens on the monitor I want. I run triple displays on my desktop PC in Extend Mode.
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    @ alphanumeric - thanks for your reply, i did do that but the desktop icons remain on the TV, it as if the OS/GPU is thinking HDMI is primary over VGA
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    Ok, I don't normally have any Tiles / Icons on my desktop. As a test though I set them to display, then changed my main display. They all moved over to the other display and only show on that one display.
    For my Taskbar I have it set show taskbar on all displays. And to show taskbar buttons on main taskbar and taskbar where window is open. Settings > Personalization > Taskbar.
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