combine small touchscreen monitor with larger viewing non-touchmonitor

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  1. xyz
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    combine small touchscreen monitor with larger viewing non-touchmonitor

    Is it possible to combine/setup a 15-inch multi-touch monitor with a 21-inch non-touch (main) monitor, so that main viewing can be done on 21-inch non-touch, but all/most the finger control done on the 15-inch touchscreen?

    Reason: after getting golfers elbow, I am now starting to have trouble with my right shoulder. So I am looking to ease the pressure on my right side by using touch instead of mouse.

    Or is there a better solution (graphic tablet, or)?
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  2. Barman58's Avatar
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    This should be a simple task, although most multi monitor setups you see are there to increase the Screen "Real Estate" and are therefore set to Extend the desktop, there should also be an option to duplicate the desktop so that both screens show an identical content and this is synchronized.

    If you were thinking of purchasing the hardware to achieve this you may want to think of other options to keep cost in control, (touchscreen monitors are not cheap ).

    I would take a look at the Consumer level Wacom Tablets, some of which include the option of Touch control as well as precision pen input and should be available which may suit your needs. [ the chinese Company Huion are currently producing some amazing graphics tablets at unbelievable prices - so they are a great budget option if your choose this route

    Another option to replace the Mouse, (which I use at times), is the Trackball, this keeps your arm still but, (with a little practice), can actually "Out Mouse" a Mouse.

    There are also a range of keyboards that include a touchpad (as used in laptops which may also suit your needs

    I use a lot of Logitech hardware which is not cheap but lasts well, I utilise their wireless items via their Universal dongle which allows me to have up to six wireless keyboards/Mice/Trackball active at any time, and I swap and change to suit my needs at the time,

    I feed a Smart TV from my PC so a portable keyboard with a trackpad is great for watching movies or web surfing from my sofa, (I use the Logitech K400 In the lounge & illuminated K830 in Bedroom)

    Options are available any specific questions post back
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  3. xyz
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    Thanks a lot Barman58, there are a lot of really good ideas and suggestions in your answer. I will start checking them out, to see which is most suited. Amazon does have a 15 inch Asus touchscreen monitor for 149 Euro. But even so, maybe one of your other suggestions is the better solution. I do already have a Huion Tablet - but without touch control - which I use when working on Painter. I had looked at the version with a touch area, but at almost 130 € it is almost the same price as the Asus monitor. I am limited by the price, so need a good solution, as cheaply as possible, without having to buy different things to try out. I thought a touchscreen monitor would be the least demanding for my arm/shoulder (although the two screen setup is less attractive - but a large touchscreen is too expensive) and the simplest in general (I also have ADHD/Asperger's), especially for focus (not moving arrows about the screen but touching directly what I need). I will look at those other suggestions. Try to find the most suited.
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  4. cereberus's Avatar
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    I just use rdp to remote control from a tablet to pc.
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  5. Barman58's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 2004 - 19041 - 264 XP/Vista/Win7/Win8.1 in VM for testing

    The alternative Mouse hardware is something that I would consider and things like Trackballs, which are available in many forms, some specifically designed for those with Mobility Issues, and are usually available for less thanthe tablet or Touch screens. [I do not include Logitech in the cheap end of the market but am still using hardware of theirs that I purchased more than 10 years ago, and I am not gentle on hardware and am On the computer for a lot of hours each day)

    As it's your shoulder that is the Issue there may be an out of the box option ... ...

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  6. xyz
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    Well thanks so much to both: Barman 58 and cereberus.

    The RDP option using a tablet (or android phone) is very interesting = this is new to me (although I just read on YouTube there is some kind of limitation - or does not work at all - on Windows home version). might be a little too technical for me, but I will certainly consider it as it sounds a great solution (a little less about turning off antivirus - if that is correct - and I have W10 Home Version)

    The alternative mouse is also good - thanks for the video = so my shoulder/elbow is being made worse by the mouse! Got to get rid of the mouse quick!

    I really like the RDP/Tablet/Android solution = but might be a little too technical (and I don't want to be without firewalls and antivirus)

    At the moment my thoughts are going towards a combination of the vertical mouse and a keyboard with a tracking pad (although they don't seem to have high ratings on Amazon!) = not so expensive and gives me two options to use.

    But I have to be honest and say getting rid of a mouse (any kind) seems like a dream!

    thanks a lot, you have really helped and given me really good ideas
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  7. Barman58's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 2004 - 19041 - 264 XP/Vista/Win7/Win8.1 in VM for testing

    There is a 3rd party replacement for the Windows RDP CALLED team viewer, this works with all versions and is a better solution that is free for personal use.

    TeamViewer – Remote Support, Remote Access, Service Desk, Online Collaboration and Meetings
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  8. xyz
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    Okay, sounds good - this is totally new to me - and I am not the greatest at computer tech - but I am going to take a better look at this option - maybe it is not so difficult to do - and I even have an old 10" Medion tablet lying around that is just about useless for anything but searching the web (but has a fairly good battery life) = would be great if I could put that to some good use, after wasting my money on it in the first place.

    Well I have already downloaded the TeamViewer free version, and have seen that there is also the possibility to connect with an Android Device (so hopefully the old Medion 10" Tablet). Will check it out further tomorrow, but it it is looking like a great option that will really help relieve my elbow/shoulder problem.

    Thanks so much for this information, tip, and help, really appreciate it a lot!
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  9. xyz
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    Set up TeamViewer on my computer and on the useless Medion tablet and did my first trial connection running my desktop from the tablet.

    Very interesting!

    Can't say much more at the moment. It isn't a "this is it" reaction as I guess it needs time to adjust to it, but not sure at the moment. It changes the screen size (everything larger) and I have too many desktop icons so they fill the 10" Tablet screen - so I will have to clean those up. It's a possibility that time and practice will tell.

    So I have ordered both the vertical mouse seen in the above video + a Vic Tsing Touchpad Keyboard.

    So between the three options I should be able to achieve a less stressful/tension situation for my elbow/shoulder problem which is getting serious enough to deserve the cost.

    next step is get rid of all the old type of mouse controllers = I've had it with them = they are not good for the body which also means the mind eventually

    I hope they will soon reduce the costs of touch because this is for me the next immediate future (although no doubt even better solutions will come) maybe together with voice commands.

    I was wondering if voice commands might also be a solution at this moment - but I have little experience with this. I once tried to set this up but did not really succeed and gave up on this. Has anyone good experiences with this (on desktop) as an alternative to mouse (or touch) use?

    my many thanks to Barman 58 and cereberus = great stuff = really appreciate the time and trouble you took, especially Barman 58
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  10. xyz
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    Having spent a lot of time searching for solutions to my situation (elbow/shoulder) these are the results as of this moment:


    I think this might be a good solution for some people, and maybe even me eventually, but not at this moment. My previous statement above that it alters the screen size is correct, but since then I have found out that you can adjust this in settings, choose which size you want. There are perhaps more things you can set or do which I do not yet know about, but this is for the future. Working on two screens was not so easy, maybe for quick things, but not as fulltime mouse replacement over long period...but..?

    Vertical Mouse:

    I bought the Anker Vertical mouse shown in the above video. There is a newer model of this, but on Amazon many people expressed that they preferred the older model (the one above) so this is the one I got. I think the fact that they brought out a newer (different) model out shows that the ideal model has not yet been created (if ever). This is also my opinion. It is far better than the old style mouse = and I am glad I bought it = but I notice it still puts strain on my already strained elbow/shoulder (which I strained at work not on the computer = known as golfers elbow symptom). This is definitely a far better mouse solution. I can recommend it! But I no longer believe in any mouse as a real solution as they damage your body (even if you are not yet aware of it).

    Wireless Touch Keyboard:

    I bought the VICTSING wireless touch keyboard. I was undecided whether to get the older Logitech K400 or this newer model VICTSING wireless touch keyboard. I went for the newer. And I am not sorry. It is the best solution of all so far. The modern trend is compact (smaller) keyboards so takes a little adjusting. At first I was worried that my two large hands would not manage with the smaller/compacter keys but they do! The touchpad is very responsive and you can scroll and do everything else easily. This is definitely the best solution at the moment (I do use it in combination with the Anker vertical mouse = but do most on the keyboard). I can highly recommend this.


    If I had the money I would go for a larger touchscreen notebook, and probably a larger touchscreen monitor for my desktop. Unfortunately I don’t! I have a load of unsold paintings cluttering up my home but no money cluttering my bank account, so I even dropped the idea (at least for the moment) of buying the 15” Asus touch screen monitor as a kind of mouse to my larger non-touch monitor. The setup seemed awkward to use (and I have no experience of this so could not afford to try it out) as well as taking up a lot of desk space. But let’s face it = a mobile smartphone/tablet is whole lot easier and less strenuous to use than having to use a mouse on a desktop (or Notebook)! And a lot less damaging to the elbow/shoulder! I know there will be a lot of things coming = but when = which will be better solutions, but at the moment the solutions available are expensive (buying touchscreen monitors/Notebooks), and a lot of those coming will also be expensive (buying complete new systems). At the moment there are few really good solutions available to replace the outdated and health damaging mouse (without having to buy complete new expensive machines/systems).

    Best I have found so far is my new touch keyboard (and new mouse as extra help).

    One thing that struck me in my search was that Apple had a very popular (magic) touch pad (and a newer model is also out) that unfortunately does not work properly on Windows, and only then, with having to add extra things to get it working = but MS Windows = nothing (at least nothing anywhere near as good = and they don't even bother!!!) I can get really angry with the attitude of MS!
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