I am attempting to mirror the 1080p display from my Dell Latitude E6530 laptop (with nVidia GPU) to my Samsung Smart TV.

The TV *was* shown in devices, but now it's not and it won't show up again. I never did have it connected by WiFi to the laptop. The TV is on my Wireless network, I watch YouTube and Crackle and mirror to it from my Samsung phone. It's a couple years old, with AllShare, but Microsoft has decided to block installing the AllShare software on Windows. (Hasn't been a firmware update for the TV in at least a year.)

Everything I can find for how to info on this for Win 10 is old and outdated, from 2015 or 2016, and things on version 1803 ain't like they used to be. How do I get it to work in 2018 with Windows 10 Pro x64 1803?

Samsung's SmartView for Windows isn't what I want. Unlike for their phones, SmartView for Windows only streams from some apps instead of mirroring the entire screen.

I do have a couple of little Android TV boxes that I've cleaned the useless junk off and done a clean install of Kodi. I could install MiraCast on one then possibly do a 'triple play' bounce through it - but that's hardly optimal when the TV is supposed to be 'smart'.