discrete GPU (nvidia) and itegrated GPU (intel)

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    discrete GPU (nvidia) and itegrated GPU (intel)

    I have a bit of a problem... It refers to the GPU switching with the option of Running x application with intel or nvidia GPU. Once for example I choose the game running with the Nvidia graphic card after I look on task manager it still shows that application is running with 0 GPU (which is intel) and it also colides with the web browser which is stuttering. I have changed everything in the Nvidia panel and also intel panel to save options for each application to seperate nvidia from intel graphics, but it does not seem to work.
    So my question is, is there any way to set up and force assign of nvidia graphic or intel graphics card through the registry (regedit)?
    My specs are:
    clevo based laptop,
    windows 10 (latest build),
    intel processor i-7700hq,
    intel graphic card 630,
    nvidia graphic card 1050 ti,
    16 gb of ram.
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    Hi, I think you are fighting Nvidia's Optimus algorithm.
    NVIDIA Optimus Technology |NVIDIA UK
    Optimus Technology|NVIDIA UK
    Nvidia Optimus - Wikipedia

    You may also be seeking the wrong solution- you mention stutter.
    Stutter is typically due to DPC latency, which is, as I understand it, a driver problem. This is not easy to sort out.

    To check for latency, use Resplendence's LatencyMon.

    Please feel free to read threads on 'stutter' on this forum.

    Returning to your question on graphics:
    If you right click an exe file, you should see an option 'Run with Graphic Processor'. You can explore the options there.
    I've never reached a satisfactory solution to this, nor got an answer to a question I posted in Nvidia's forum, so I'm keen to see what emerges.
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    @dalchina hello sir, thank you for you answer, but that's not an answer for my question. I need something "far more advanced" to set up and ascribe each process permanently. And the regedit option would be really fine.
    LatencyMon... I run it on previous laptop and the tests were so long that I couldn't even tell which one was real or not and what caused the problem.
    Any other solutions?
    Thank you
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    You are correct. I haven't attempted to address your question about using the registry. I didn't claim it was an answer- but I'm interested to see if anything further emerges. The question (or something like it) has been repeatedly asked in general as I'm sure you're aware.. a general search for
    assign graphics card to program
    for example shows this.
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    @dalchina so I am wondering about LatencyMon. How long do I need to run the test in order to know what is wrong with my machine? I have similar problem described here:
    dGPU Switch and Freeze Problem |Intel Communities
    once it was solved, but come back, that's why I Am asking about the regedit.
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    Not an expert on LatencyMon- here are some interesting items (I searched for
    latencymon help
    Optimising Windows Computers For Audio Audient Help Desk
    - suggests 10 mins, then some practical steps.

    - example, with a link to 'What is latency'

    - their guide and further articles

    Windows Tuning Tips for Audio Processing Native Instruments
    - starts with specific hardware and moves on to deeper comments.

    I cannot comment on any possible registry edit- never heard of one in this context. Maybe someone else will comment on the graphics card combination- mine is similar- also a Clevo chassis.
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    ""far more advanced" to set up and ascribe each process permanently. And the regedit option would be really fine. "

    There is no such option on Optimus laptops, which I believe those Clevo kit jobbies are. You may have something extra in the UEFI/BIOS, have a look.

    I'm afraid you are going to have to look through the technical literature, particularly as regards Optimus hardware.
    Those are given in post #2
    Read page 8 onwards of the Optimus_Whitepaper_FINAL.pdf

    Go to Clevo for their particular hardware.

    High end gamer Laptops have different hardware and are more towards the hardware on desktops, and a lot pricier.

    I am using an Optimus laptop at the moment, just being realistic about the hardware.
    Everything on mine that needs to use the Nvidia Graphics does so, some things I have intentionally used the iGPU because it is actually more efficient than the Nvidia rendering.
    I showed an example in a post a while back.
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    thank you for the links, gonna check them later.
    I have locked BIOS/UEFI - need to wait for PREMA to unlock it here. Optimus laptops? It's for graphics. If nvidia control panel stores the location of files somewhere, then there has to be a way to edit it via regedit.
    The pdf whitepaper does not say anything about regedit. I just need to find a path to locate the regedit location of files which store the settings of Nvidia panel.
    For example as processes of windows 10 located into registry which we can disable/enable or set manual - those which u can't turn off via process manager.
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    Please note that thread bumping and "useless one-liners' are prohibited by forum rules.
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