Can i find out if a previous graphic card was working on my system Solved

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  1.    29 Apr 2018 #1

    Can i find out if a previous graphic card was working on my system

    It's a bit of a story behind it bare with me plz:
    I have sold by GPU a few weeks back and the person who got it claims it's not working.
    Obviously this is false and i am currently in a dispute with the person because i'm sure 100% he is lying or just broke my video card during the installation process and now wants a refund.
    My question is:
    Can i track down my GPU in my registry so that it shows the model (gtx 1080 ti) and the last date it was connected to the system?
    If i can find proof of it working from my end through a registry entry from windows its enough to win the dispute since i don't take scammers lightly and surely not going to give my buck away for someone who can't install a GPU.\
    Thanks in advance !
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       29 Apr 2018 #2

    You could perhaps show a previous GPU driver that is installed, but that doesn't prove anything. You could install the driver and claim you had it installed with the GPU. Otherwise, there isn't much else.

    As a seller, you have to be responsible to ensure that the customer is receiving a working product. It could very well be that their system cannot handle the GPU or their BIOS needs an update. If it truly does not work and you can't show that it was working, a refund for a return would be the honorable thing.
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  3.    29 Apr 2018 #3

    I'm not responsible for the buyers competence in handling the item, that was stated in the auction. Since i can't prove he break it or not the only option is to show that this item was a working one in my system upon departure. Been selling and buying video cards for 10 years, never had one issue, these things don't break from transportation, they break due to poor/dangerous handling .
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       29 Apr 2018 #4

    What card model was it? The first thing in this position is to offer troubleshooting. It may be that the buyers motherboard, PCIe slots, cables, power supply etc doesn't work correctly or is not compatible with the card you sold. Or does the user claim it's completely broken? Have you asked if there's any physical damage on it - specifcally on the pins -, and done checks/references on the images you used when selling it?
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  5.    29 Apr 2018 #5

    1080 ti ek wb water cooled. He said he has some error 43 which is usually due to software issues or incompatibilities or bad drivers.
    I tried to help him out with some vids and forums support threads: didn't work.
    Asked him to bring the card to a certified shop and have it checked: he did not reply
    The i asked him to send over a photo of the loop and the back of the card without the back plate: at this point he went mute.
    Then he asked for a refund because its faulty.
    Being a full water block card not much to show but i was really interested to see the back of the card without the plate because there were warranty stickers on the GPU screw and if those are ripped or taken off it's quite obvious.
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       29 Apr 2018 #6

    Error 43 is an improper detection that can both be a software and a hardware issue. Strange that the person didn't answer your inquiries before asking for a refund. They don't have much of a case here if they are incapable of cooperating with you. I don't know if there's a way to find out if you had a working GPU before (maybe someone else know), but maybe the event viewer can tell you something about it? I think it can track when you install new drivers and when you replace GPUs.
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  7.    29 Apr 2018 #7

    Strange that he didn't reply when you asked him to bring it into a certified shop for a diagnosis because I believe it's free unless he wants it fixed.
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  8.    30 Apr 2018 #8

    well ebay has given him 9 days to do that, but if he tempered with it the wrong way the card might be toast and he did refuse also to send over photos with the loop and the back of the card.
    Thus why it's crucial for me to prove that i have sent a working card through an irrefutable evidence.
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       30 Apr 2018 #9

    Had you ever ran the DM log collector or the beta log collector?
    Run the log collector now and post a zip into this thread:
    (extract > open)
    Use the text and images in this link in case you have a problem running the beta log collector: (post #5)
    DM Log tool problem Solved - Windows 10 Forums
    Had you ever saved msinfo32?
    Had you ever saved dxdiag?
    Download an install Everything:
    This software will index everything on the drives attached to the computer (internal and external)
    Look for AMD or Nvidia depending on which video card was installed.
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  10.    30 Apr 2018 #10

    Honestly this isn't a hardware question , more of an eCommerce question .

    If the platform is ebay you should expect to be screwed on customer complain .

    If you accepted returns as a policy upon listing yourself as a seller or while listing the item then the buyer can return it within 9~14 days weather broken or not imagine that .

    Also if buyer files his case as item "not as described" where it should work but it doesn't he'd still win the case if he breaks it and its his word against yours even if you provide all sorts of proofs.

    There is a case on ebay community where a seller sold a "broken phone for spare parts" and yet the buyer could return it after stealing a part just because the seller did not mention "it won't turn on" in description , like "broken" and "spare parts" were miss-leading enough .

    So yea , eCommerce can be a b!^©#
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