This issue is almost driving me crazy!

People where I work use 2 monitors used as extended displays. All the extended displays work fine on Windows 7, but when I upgrade or redo the PC with Windows 10, black lines are on the monitor(s).
Sometimes the lines are thin and in the middle of the screen, and sometime the black lines are large from the bottom of the screen.

Iíve tried upgrading drivers & changing resolution, and the black line will change location but wonít go away.
Because the extended monitors work fine on Windows 7 itís hard to think the hardware has a problem.

This problem happens on more than 1 model PC, but the PC I am having the issue on this one is a Dell OptiPlex 7010. The video card is the Intel card that the 7010s come with.

I have used the image I usually use, plus redo the PC from scratch with Windows 10, same problem.
If the PC uses 1 monitor no problem, but using 2 monitors whether dual or extended display the lines are there.

I know the PCs are fairly up to date with Windows 10 updates, but I do believe there are a lot of Office updates to download.

Maybe someone else is having this problem out there somewhere.