Having an issue with 2nd monitor using hdmi

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    Having an issue with 2nd monitor using hdmi

    I do work from home. As I become older my eyes are getting worse and now need to wear bifocal glasses. This has been a detriment to my work from home job as I was having issues seeing the work I was doing on my laptop's tiny 14" screen. I've since added a 24" external monitor which has greatly improved my work (and income).

    This first monitor I had connected to my laptop via a VGA cable. I had once thought I could only use that as when I tried to connect the hdmi, it only mirrored what was on my laptop. What I found out today was that I had missed a setting so that I could extend the screen via the hdmi just like I was doing with the VGA cable. During a test run though, unlike with the VGA cable, when I connected the monitor up, and started to run my programs, I only seen a "window" on my the second desk top that was actually smaller then my laptops screen!

    Just to clarify. I opened a program on my external monitor, when it started to run, instead of going full screen it only took up say 1/3 of the 24" whole screen. The rest of the screen I could still see my windows desktop. I tried everything. Maximize, F11, even trying to "drag" the corners to see if I could make the image bigger. Nothing worked. I want to buy a 2nd external monitor to run off my laptop, but it doesn't make sense if I can't get a full screen going! Could it be the Radeon 8330 HD onboard graphics can't handle it, or am I missing another setting someplace?
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    As an aside bifocals are pretty useless for viewing pcs. Bifocals are designed so you use upper half to look ahead for distance vision and lower half to look down for near vision.

    This was fine in days when reading paper reports, writing by hand etc. Howrver nowadays, most people use a screen and look ahead. Even varifocals are no use for this as you need to look ahead to read screen but use near-mid vision but by design, look ahead is for distance. In my case, my prescription is such that I cannot cover both cases adequately.

    So the only practical solution is a separate set of glasses with prescription for reading pc screen.

    I have very expensive high index, photochromatic, anti glare, hard coated lenses for my distance vision lenses, but I buy two sets of the cheapest, most basic lens possible for looking at pc, costing a fifth or less of price of my distance lenses (and cheapest frames within reason as well).

    Then I just leave one pair of specs at work, and one set at home.
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    While I appreciate the advice, I have reading glasses for that reason. What I really need is to get my monitor to work with the HDMI cable. Do you have suggestions for that?
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    Hi there
    Ive often found a solution is to go into the HARDWARE settings on the monitor usually via a hand held remote or a switch / button on the actual monitor and enter the hardware menu.

    There's usually something like in Video / Picture settings an "Auto fit" type of setting which will normally adjust the screen. These things have CPU's in them too so even if the Windows settings aren't perfect the auto re-size etc should work. It helps also to have right resolution set on the monitor (that's done from within Windows).

    You should also be able to adjust things like contrast, colour temp etc etc for better / clearer reading.

    Varifocals as cereberus says are pretty useless for large monitors or even 24 inch ones -- bi focals are totally useless -- you need either contacts or a special pair of specs for Screen reading.

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    It could be possible the resolution on the laptop is lower than the external monitor. It might also be possible that the external monitor has a default resolution the laptop is not capable of matching. If you can right click your desktop, click on Display Settings. This will open settings where you can see the default resolution of both the laptop and the external monitor. See if you can run the external at the recommended resolution. Hope this helps.
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    I'll certainly check that setting. I'm just a bit confused to why it would work with VGA but not HDMI?
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