Windows 10 Nec V-232-2 Monitor HDMI

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    Windows 10 Nec V323-2 Monitor HDMI


    I have a P300 Thinkstation with Windows 10 and was previously using the built-in Intel Video Adapter in VGA mode connected to a NEC V-323-2 monitors VGA port. The video was working as expected.

    Video resolution is set to a native 1920 x 1080.

    I then installed a Nvidia Quadro K4000 card (with 3GB memory) also installed the Windows 10 Nvidia Quadro K4000 drivers.

    The only difference is I connected the K4000 to my Nec monitor via it's HDMI port.

    Again the video worked as expected, with resolution, aspect ratio, etc. all was good.

    I was experimenting with a Deno AVR receiver to determine HDMI video compatiblity with a Denon AVR-1612 receiver. I wasn't able to get this HDMI video output from the K4000 to work with the AVR-1612. So I abandoned it and connected the K4000 directly to the NEC V323-2 monitor and again everything was ok.

    However while performing some settings of the Nec V323-2 monitor I reset the video settings.

    The reset effected Windows 10 video aspect ratio, so none of whats displayed under Windows 10 lines up with the monitors top, sides and bottom.

    Previously this monitor was only used in VGA mode using a VGA cable from the PCs VGA Out to the Monitors VGA in. When the display became misaligned I would press Auto Setup and the Monitor would automatically line up with Windows 10's display and aspect ration so all the boards became correct.

    However I found out that this "Auto Setup" only works in VGA mode and not while set to HDMI.

    I've tried rolling back the Nvidia drivers to the Windows 10 video drivers, but it did not do anything. The Monitors display alignment via HDMI is still messed up

    I did try switching back to the internal video adapter with vga out, connecting the monitor via VGA and then using the auto setup, however nothing happened.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to configure the Nec monitor to display the hdmi input from Windows 10 and the K4000 and it's drivers.

    I've messed around a bit with the Windows 10 display settings, Nvidia drivers and the Nec monitor settings however I'm currently unable to reset everything when it the display was working correctly.

    Again I've reverted to VGA using the built-in Intel graphics and when the monitor and Windows boot via VGA video everything on the monitor is lined up correctly. I also used auto setup which adjusts the monitor to what currently displayed under Windows (Windows 10).

    Here's an image of what I mean, the what is being displayed by Windows is not displayed correctly via HDMI. (The K4000 does not have VGA.) I've tried to adjust the nec monitor and Windows 10 without any success.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Fixed scaling problem from Nvidia Control center


    Going into Nvidia Control Panel I found a setting

    Adjust desktop size and position

    Then selected a checkbox [x]

    Below that is a selection box [RESIZE]

    From [RESIZE] one can adjust the height and width of what's being display from Windows 10

    Click "Apply" and that it, everything is back the way it was before where the scaling is correct.

    Sort of strange as when connected VGA mode the Nec Monitor "Auto Setup" feature adjusted Windows OS scaling, however there's no way to adjust scaling from the Nec monitor while in HDMI mode or any other mode besides VGA.
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