Hi all, recently I've been plagued with a very strange issue regarding my external monitors that I cannot seem to resolve. I have the Surface Pro 4, with the surface dock, and two external monitors. The issues coincide with upgrades to the monitors, going from 1080p Asus monitors, to 2560x1440 AOC (Q2577PWQ) monitors.

After waking the surface from sleep, a reboot, or cold boot, monitors are not functioning at all. I keep my surface closed when docked, so this requires opening it up, and doing troubleshooting from the surface. On looking in Display Settings, the external monitors are set as disabled!

2nd Problem:
In addition to the above, I have mixed success in getting the external monitors to function properly again. I can sometimes enable 1 monitor, but then trying to enable the second one results in an error message directly above the "Multiple Displays" heading in Display Settings: "The display settings could not be saved. Please try a different combination of display settings."

I'm starting to think perhaps there is a strange issue with these monitors and surfaces? I have tried a different docking station, as well as a different Surface and encounter the same issues. I have also tried installing the latest Intel HD 520 driver from Intel, which also has no luck. I really like these when they work but it seems that the problem is getting worse and It's hard getting even one screen to function normally now...