Hardware: Schenker XMG A726 (Clevo N170RF1-G) Notebook Review - NotebookCheck.net Reviews

Look at this sh*t. No matter which multi display mode I pick, the external monitor simply shows a gray screen without a cursor or anything.

I did try every single monitor related setting I could find without luck. Of course I also completely removed video drivers and installed different ones. The one that Windows automatically picks after removing the official NVIDIA one doesn't work, the one the laptop manufacturer has on his homepage doesn't work and the most recent one from nvidia.com doesn't work.

The same setup works fine with Linux, so it's certainly not a hardware or cable issue. Also as you can see on the video the screen doesn't simply stay black or something, but shows a gray background without anything else. Weirdest thing. I spent hours googleing and debugging without luck - nobody else seems to have experienced this kind of issue. Hope someone got an idea. Thanks!