I have two 27in monitors plugged into my mac pro, running in bootcamp, windows 10. One is a samsung 1920*1080 at 60hz, the other is zeol 2560*1440 at 60hz (both bought last year). Both were running fine. However, I replaced the samsung 1920*1080 monitor with an older samsung 1920*1080 monitor from 2014. Now for some reason my 2560*1440 only runs around 30hz (though it displays 59hz with 60hz option). Changing it to 60hz just automatically change my resolution back down to 800*600. However, if I disconnect my samsung monitor and let the zoel 2560 run solo, it goes back up to 60hz. So for some reason my zeol monitor doesn't like running at 60hz with the older samsung monitor. Why does this happen? How do I fix this?