To setting each graphic card

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    To setting each graphic card

    Hi there, I asked Dell about and neither them know something else about: I have a Dell Inspiron i7 7700 with GTX 1050, and I want to watch videos by the GTX and dont by intel HD graphic 530, that it dont suport high perfomance videos, like high bitrates or big size videos or filtred/effects videos settings on VLC, that it crashes screen. Then, I dont want intel graphic run my videos but Nvidia to do it. How to set to it do it. Is ther any way to do it? I asked Dell why GPUs automatically run games and do not videos and they dont knows it. Any body knows it about? thanks
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    You should be able to configure your Nvidia Control Panel to associate your video playback application (or browser, as is so often the case) with the GTX 1050 (on my Lenovo, that means I have to go to Manage 3D Settings, but YMMV on your much newer machine). If that fails, you could always try the NVDVD media player from Nvidia itself (it is SURE to know how to use its own GPU for playback).
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    You will have to detail the exact Dell Model details better, it's far too vague at the moment.
    The Intel HD graphics are very competent at video, certainly not necessary to use the GTX 1050.

    I don't have the desktop version of VLC Player installed, too buggy. That is more likely crashing rather than the HD 530 iGPU.

    Is your Nvidia Control Panel the smaller Optimus version ? or do Dell describe it as that type ?
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    Please post an exact link of your model PC :)

    If it`s a deskptop, I have no idea why it would use the CPU Graphics.

    If it`s a Laptop, try disabling the CPU Graphics in the Bios, or through Device Manager if you don`t want to use it.
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  5.    15 Feb 2018 #5

    Hi there, thanks helps

    The model is Dell Inspiron 15 gaming 7000 series i7-7700HQ 16Gb GTX 1050ti

    EdTittel: yes, I tried everything you said but dont work. You know, my Nvidia softwareboard, dont have full functions, that only appear 3D function and no more. I tried to set GTX on PhysX and no work, it shows it but nothing it doing, either on software config to set VLC but no works. On my old Dell, it have two Nvidia windows/software that one of them I can config colors, brightness, etc and on the new versions it dont have the second icon/windows, I dont know why. Nvidia improved the new GPUs but got worse the software control.

    Helmut: As you see above, I need ways to set players runs on GTX board, there is my question. I think that you never tried (may Im wrong) to plays big, but the biggest video on your player by intel graphic internal CPU, that certainly, you will have some clamping/twisting/twine/kirnking. I explain you: try an 20gb mkv video, or biggest, but with a 60fps , 30000bitrates, etc, no the usual 30fps and 1000bitrates or lowest. I said about real bluray videos, that you get on web. If you dont have a good GPU, you cant play it on intel graphics set. Of course that intel are good to 90% of web videos, but not to specialies like that. You need GPU to it. Try this: open yor task manager in perfomance and chose GPU, but play your video simultanely, that you will see your video runs on intel grapic and not on your GPU, if you had it. The question is, how to change/move it from one to other GPU.

    AddRAM: I need intel graphic for all other works. One idea is exclude its drivers but windows 10 automaticaly turn on it again

    -My one question is: how to enable the GPU GTX to do the intel graphic video works, no more than this, or, how to change/move all hdmi works to my Nvidia GPU, but all, no only games that I know that is automaticly itself done. Thanks
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    You will have to contact Dell about the hardware they have in those Laptops.

    From what you say, the smaller Nvidia Control Panel, It would seem this is an Optimus Laptop. The Nvidia graphics chipset concerned does support Optimus. It used to be only the M series graphics chipsets.

    If that is the case then in the Nvidia Control Panel.
    Manage 3D settings > Program Settings tab > Click on Add and if you can't Browse around and find the right VLC executable then just add the Folder in which all the VLC program stuff is.

    I only go up to 1920 x 1080 resolution displays with relatively small displays, and 4 year old hardware but it does just loaf along with that very competently with HD iGPU, so much so that using the Nvidia chipset is not actually required. Yours is a newer version somewhat better.
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  7.    16 Feb 2018 #7

    Helmut: As I said above, Dell dont knows how to do it. And Nvidia's contact, if you see their site, they tell you to contact the factory that you buyed your laptop, in my case is Dell (they shows you a lot of factories to do it).
    Yes, I tried all you said about control panel on Nvidia's control, but nothing. It dont work about chose VlC or WMP or other player, like off letters on panel and no click to conclude it.

    Really, and dont knows if an Nvidia problem or windows 10 problem. If any body knows about deeply, please, help me. Thats impossible that GPUs only runs games, that I think they are multifunctions. Am I wrong? Incredible if I am. thanks
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    I can get the Toshiba Media Player going with Nvidia chipset, but not WMP. That's with an *.MP4 video file.
    The iGPU HD graphics looks a lot more efficient on resources doing exactly the same job.

    No idea why, we live and learn.
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    Ok, how you got it? Because on my case, intel Hd works good and GPU GTX no works, zero process on WMP and VLC. How to works on this two? Your images work with me but on games at GTX GPU.
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    As said I cannot do this for WMP, the 2. box does not have the selections available, no idea why not.
    I'm not going to install VLC Player. That's for you to try.
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