ASUS Strix GTX 1080Ti OC - lag spikes/stuttering

  1.    31 Jan 2018 #1

    ASUS Strix GTX 1080Ti OC - lag spikes/stuttering

    Hello guys,

    This is my setup - (nothing is OC'ed /only factory/ .. everything is on stock)
    i7 8700k (no OC)
    GTX 1080ti OC edition (factory OC only)
    16gb (2x8gb) RAM DDR4 3200MHz
    SSD + HDD

    Userbenchmark OK -

    Here is my problem: In almost every game I am having lag spikes/stuttering + like this (Assassin's Creed: Origin - benchmark). Games where I can see the problem the most: Assassin's Creed: Origin, Battlefield 1, PUBG, Witcher 3 running in the city (there is a microstutter when you enter new area in the city). Sometimes it runs OK for few minutes. Sometimes it runs OK for 1 hour BUT it looks like when I let my PC running for like 6 hours (playing or idling - does not matter) stuttering problem is worse. But I experienced it right after cold boot too.

    My overall performance is great. I checked 3D Mark/Cinebench 15/FPS in games regarding youtube videos with people with the similar setup.. everyhting is how it should be. EXCEPT the stutters :/.

    I noticed that sometimes it disappears when I alt-tab like during this test:

    Superposition Benchmark + AC:O Benchmark = (frametime) /// but another AC:O Benchmark right away was super smooth = ... so I don't get it anymore.

    Here are also some videos of the problem:

    BF 1:

    I've already done:
    - tried another mobo (Asus Maximus X hero
    - another RAMs (also XMP on/off)
    - win10 1607
    - win10 latest build with only drivers + games (without sound drivers and onboard audio disabled, windows defender disabled, no antivirus programm)
    - another cpu i7 8700k
    - gaming mods off in Windows
    - hdtune, latency mon (0,3-0,4ms pointing on nvidia drivers during my tests, spikes to 0,7ms probably only when alt-tabbing)
    - drivers are up to date, so the bios
    - only SSD plugged in
    - power management option set to performance (windows + nvidia)
    - last 5 versions of nvidia drivers (including the latest one 390.77)
    - temps are OK ( - after 1 hour of BF 1)
    - tried another non-Gsync 1080p 60hz monitor
    - vsync off, gsync off/on, I've tried almost every possible setting in nvidia control panel

    Looks like the problem is not there with iGPU - but it's so hard to test it with such a low fps. I have no opportunity to try the card in another pc or borrow another one.

    So at this point.. I don't know what to do next to be honest.

    For example I've noticed in Witcher 3 installed on SSD this kind of microstutters: Everytime when I pass ''some line/script/new aera'' in the game or a moment before someone start talking. Everything looks great when I am not moving in the game.. when I start to move and cross ''the script line'' or enter the city etc.. lag occurs again. During the lag spike my gpu power% in MSI After Burner drops a bit down -

    But all of this does not happen all the time.. it seems so random.Do you think that my GPU can be fault from the beginning? Should I RMA it? :/
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  2.    03 Feb 2018 #2


    Every single time I get lag spikes, low fps, slow rendering or any bad performance in games I always run a full scan with . You can try this option and do let me know if the scan finds anything suspicious.
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  3.    03 Feb 2018 #3

    If it's not directly related to a hardware issue and only happens intermittently....this may suggest a malware or bug of some sort as midou35000 suggested or it can be attributed to your network connection (ISP or low bandwidth) and even possibly the game server.
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  4.    08 Feb 2018 #4


    it's not malware guys.. I reinstalled windows so many times.. and tried everything even with my cable disconnected. BUT!!! I found out another interesting thing?

    It may sound crazy..but been testing this for a few days.

    When I was testing a lot of games (my stuttering problem).. I started experiencing some random disconnects from WoW and packet losts + connection problems in Overwatch (icons on the left side).

    After talking with my NIC provider + blizzard support.. they told me that everything is 100% OK with them and there must be something on my side. But here is the part.. when I pull out the GTX 1080ti .. and running only on my iGPU, everything is OK and I don't have any disconnects + connections problems in Overwatch (tested for like 3 days). After I connected the GPU back = problem is here again. Random disconnects, connection losts etc..

    So I was like my MOBO can be bad. So I changed to ASUS Maximus X Hero and guess what? Same problem.

    I don't get it.. is that even possible? Should I really RMA the gpu - that can be causing the stuttering in games (singleplayer games too) and causing this ''intenet'' problem? Have anyone experienced something like this?

    BTW - my INTEL NIC drivers are up to date.. and I have tried a lot of Nvidia drivers too = did not help.
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       08 Feb 2018 #5

    Please use the forums upload image features
    Most gpu's need to be dialed in asus especially the last one I had was just a pos I doubt they have gotten any better
    evga has the best imho but with gpu prices now days doubt it's worth switching just a learning experience

    MSI AF well I have a love hate relationship with it lol but it's a lot better than GPU Tweak of asus :)

    All I can say is add 120% power limit first in msi.. and add your own fan curve going from 25/25c with a straight line to 60c at 100% see how it goes.
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