What are my components:



External Monitors:

  • LG W2361VV (DisplayPort => HDMI)

What IS working:

  • I'm using both Monitors with my eGPU, the GTX 1080 and Thunderbolt 3.
  • Both Monitors are working with the recommended resolution and 59/60 Hz

Problem (only with the two external displays):
The recommended Scale Factor for the internal monitor is 250%, for the two external 100%.

  • Most of the fonts and system-icons are blurry and fuzzy.
  • On the other side, the fontsize of the nvidia control panel is like it is ALWAYS scaled 250% (even on the external monitors)
  • The fonts of older programs (like Putty) are now completly blurred

The only way to fix it is to switch to a scalefactor of 125% , but the texts are now REALLY big and for example in Chrome I have to downscale them to 80% for smooth reading.
The other fonts are still a little bit blurred. For example the text in the PUTTY-Terminal is shown differently. For example the left vertical line of the "0" is a bolt, white line with 1px width, the right vertical line is a fuzzy white line with 2px width.

I already calibrated both monitors with the Windows 10 "ClearType". As I said, it's a little bit better, but nevertheless my eyes are hurting ;-)

By the way I used both monitors with a Surface Pro 3 Dock for about 2-3 years without such issues.

Maybe somebody has a good hint what I can do now :-(
Maybe it's because of the high difference between the Razer internal display (3k resolution) to the HD-displays (1080p)?

[EDIT] The Background Images on both displays are really beautifull and clear pictures, so it seems it should not be a hardware issue