Nvidia Games tearing heavily in full screen but not in window mode

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    Nvidia Games tearing heavily in full screen but not in window mode

    I have lately had few major windows updates on my laptop that is dual graphics and have a gtx 1050 ti card then I realized that all games I have started tearing heavily , so i started playing with Nvidia drivers switching between them back and forth but nothing , then by trials i realized that this ends if i switched a game into window mode or enable vertical sync in games that supports such option .

    Now while this seems like a solution some what , i understand that in such condition i lose frame rates and add extra processing strain , and yet v-sync is usually made to fix tearing issues when running games at 60+ fps which is not my case since i run games at high settings and mostly achieve 13~17 fps tops where every frame counts plus not all games have v-sync option to tweak , so is there a way to put things back to normal ?

    PS I had a program named GameGain that does certain tweaks to boost graphics pre the windows updates , at first I had doubts it might be the cause so i cancelled its tweaks and uninstalled it but the tearing remained , so not sure if this had to do with my issue but i thought to hint it in case someone had similar issues using it or so to report .
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    Those "tweaking" programs cause more problems than they CLAIM to fix.

    If you're not running with V Sync enabled, or a form of adaptive sync such as Free Sync or G Sync, and your screen is being drawn at a rate that doesn't match your refresh rate, you will get screen tearing. The severity is determined by how mismatched the actual frame rate is with your screen's refresh rate.
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    Tearing is due to Graphics Cards rendering frames faster than the monitor can handle. Which is why Vsync stops it.

    You only loose frame rates as regards part of the display. Your display is showing part of one frame and part of another, hence the 'tearing'.

    Whether there is an in game setting or not you can set Vsync in the Nvidia Control Panel.
    No processing strain in fact it's probably less.

    If you run games at max detail around 15 fps then tearing is not an issue anyway, and you would not use Vsync (usually...).
    You don't have any 'issue'. There is no 'tweaking' to be done.
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    Nvidia global vsync slows down fps significantly on 2 laptops i have , like frame on / frame skip switch .

    and yes my games run at 15 fps average on high details and yet they tear , what's with the "you don't have any issue" is that some new Jedi trick i should be aware of :))
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    Screen tearing on games after Windows Fall Creator's Update - Windows 10 Forums
    here is another one suffering same effect without resolution since 2 months
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    You don't understand the basics. All I can say is find out.
    Rendered frames and pre-rendered frames is not the same thing as displayed frames.

    The tricks are people trying to sell you applications that pretend to speed up games which don't work.
    I looked up what you mentioned GameGain that is all lies or misleading. Their bank account gains that's all...MyBankGain...
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    my question is how to fix this , i am not debating what GameGain can do really . its already uninstalled and the problem persists...
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