Added a large monitor to my system (actually Sony TV no longer used) but having a problem with color changes after every system restart/startup. I can use my NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 Control panel to get the colors/contrast/brightness, etc synced on all three monitors so the picture(s) are almost identical when I start the system...but every time I shutdown/restart the 3 monitor's color/contrast etc settings come back to their original differences.

Then they need too be manually reset again. All three are running off the NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 (2 DVI - 1 HDMI ports - have latest drivers that I know of)

These are three different brand monitors (1 Asus - 2 Samsung TVs). I'm suspecting that this is caused by the default screen color/vibrancy/contrast of the monitor/TVs at start up and then Windows pops up the desktop picture on all three...and the different native background colors are causing the variations in color tones/contrast/brightness of my desktop(s) etc ?

Is there anything I can do other than manually adjusting the colors/contrast/brightness etc after each system restart ??