I am having a hard time with my "fresh/clean" Windows 10 pro install either i get uxdservice is preventing Windows from shutting down, or i get some plug and play error saying i need to reboot to finish some install to complete ofc it never does because nothing needs to be installed i have no yellow marks in the device manager.

But something is wrong because besides the annoying uxdservice (i think its part of the G-sync) 1 of 3 things happens when i reboot
1. I can't click anything no right or left click on taskbar start menu icons nothing zip 0
2. or i am missing either my Games HD or Movie HD (all legal ofc)
3. right click works but not left click.
Am i right about the uxdservice being part of Nvidia, i am using latest driver on my Asus GTX 1050ti
And what are my options if any? reinstall?