Windows 10: Black Screen after Log In

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  1.    18 Dec 2017 #1

    Black Screen after Log In

    My system has been working fine for a long time and after a power outage a couple of days ago, now when it boots up I get the normal log in screen but after I log in all I get is a black screen with the mouse showing. It did boot up normally right after the power came back on but the next morning after I had shut it down and turned it back on the problem started. I have 2 anti virus programs that auto launch at boot up and they are both on the screen and look normal and work normal until they finish and once they are closed nothing is on the screen. I can boot up in safe mode but same problem. I can also boot up to a C:\prompt and but I do know have the knowledge to know what to look for or what actions to take.

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       18 Dec 2017 #2

    Hi chappellsm. Welcome to the TenForums @chappellsm

    Any chance you were using two monitors when this occurred.

    When the screen goes black what happens if you press the Windows key + P. Can you select just computer.

    Do you know if you have system restore points. If so then you could use the Advance Startup Options to start a system restore, not a reset, a System Restore. I would think you see these options as you are entering Safe Mode. (Of course you may be entering safe mode another way.)
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  3.    19 Dec 2017 #3

    Thank you for the reply, So I did try the windows key and P and it clearly thinks I have 2 monitors, when I don't. So I have not fixed the problem but narrowing it down. One big difference is after I enter my password and hit enter it then says "preparing windows" and it takes about 5 minutes to get past that. It used to boot very fast. Not sure if that is a clue or not
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       19 Dec 2017 #4

    How comfortable are you dealing with the insides of your PC?

    Have you made any customization to BIOS since you got device?

    Do you know type of Display driver you are using, Nvidia, AMD, Intel?

    I'm thinking it might be prudent to reset BIOS, that is load defaults. I ask about adapter as you may need a way to remove the driver(s) and let Windows re-detect.

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       19 Dec 2017 #5

    This is a log collector that we use in another forum.
    Please run the DM log collector and post a zip into the thread for troubleshooting:
    BSOD - Posting Instructions - Windows 10 Forums
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  6.    20 Dec 2017 #6

    Again thank you for your continued help. Before I said that the same thing happens in Safe Mode but I now find that I just did not give it enough time. I have booted up in Safe mode and now I am wondering if my problem is not video related. In Safe mode anything I try is very slow, meaning opening file explorer takes 30 minutes. Moving from one directory to another takes 20 - 30 minutes.

    I see all my files and directories. I did have a power outage right before this happened, it worked fine right after the power came back on, but then when I shut it down for the first time after the power outage this started.

    One friend suggested my RAM has been corrupted, any other ideas?
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       20 Dec 2017 #7

    Hey great news that you can get to Safe mode.

    Don't believe this has anything to do with RAM. When RAM is bad system BSOD's.

    If you open task manager, may need to click on show more details in lower left, what are the various components running at, CPU, disk, memory, network.

    Are any drivers reporting in trouble, yellow exclamation marks in device manager?

    It could be related to video but when you come up in safe mode you are using basic window drivers and no vendor drivers.

    What vendor is supplying video adapter, Intel, AMD, Nvidia?

    You didn't answer question on BIOS?
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       20 Dec 2017 #8

    Oh and I would run chkdsk /f from command prompt(admin). Could have issue with file table on disk.

    I always recommend a data backup, chkdsk can be a slow process and I've seen it fail.

    While not a help now I would also recommend looking into a UPS for system. Might find a good sale over holidays.
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  9.    20 Dec 2017 #9

    Back at my desk for a minute,

    My PC is a Dell Inspiron 3847 and I am connected to the video port that is built in, there is not a graphics card in the PC. When I look in task manager it basically says nothing is running, my CPU is between 0% and 2% and my memory is 1 GB so 13%. File manager works, and task manager worked when I used the ctrl-alt-del keys but when I try to access any of the programs from the start menu nothing happens.

    when I press the windows key nothing comes up. When I right click the mouse on the windows icon I get the list of utilities but when i try selecting any of them nothing happens.

    I have not made any BIOS changes on the PC ever. I have 8Gb of RAM, it came with 2 and I bought 2 x 4Gb RAM sticks but this was at least 3 years ago. I did select the RUN option and that worked when I typed in MSCONFIG, I did get to the configuration progarm. But none of the other options work
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       20 Dec 2017 #10

    See if you can post a zip for troubleshooting:
    BSOD - Posting Instructions - Windows 10 Forums
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