Those with Intel Graphics probably already knew this, but it was news to me.

This is just an observation and I'm not recommending it ....

I don't use or want the Intel Hotkeys, Profiles, etc running, but not matter what I did the following 2 programs would always run on startup and show in Task Manager / Processes ... They are located in my c:\windows\system32 folder ...

Things I did with no success in getting them to not run at startup ...

1. Disabled Hotkey, Profiles, etc in the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel
2. Set the Intel Control Panel Service to Manual (I didn't want or try to disable it)
3. Double checked Services for them
4. Double checked Start Up for them
5. Double checked Task Scheduler for them
6. Double checked AutoRuns for them

What I found ...

In my c:\windows\system32 folder, I found the following bat file that is responsible for them running at startup. No clue what generates this bat file and could find very little info on it. Deleting, Editing, etc has no effect since it appears to be generated on startup ... So, the only way I found to stop them from running, is to rename those 2 programs.

@echo off
if exist igfxEM.exe start igfxEM.exe
if exist igfxHK.exe start igfxHK.exe
if exist igfxTray.exe start igfxTray.exe
del /Q {A6D608F0-0BDE-491A-97AE-5C4B05D86E01}.bat

Note: I've saw a few references to this bat file being located in c:\intel folder and it may have different random number name.
Note: Intel HD Graphics Control Panel still works from Control Panel and Right Click on the Desktop.