Windows 10: Ill from LED on T430...Need a laptop that can handle Windows 10...

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    Ill from LED on T430...Need a laptop that can handle Windows 10...

    Hi. I got a Lenovo T430 (MT: 2347) for the purpose of having more durable hardware, & for capability to upgrade to Windows 10. I got terrible headaches from the backlit LED display, & the processing power of the 2.6GHz i5-3320 processor. Am back to using my Dell Inspiron 1318, which has an LCD screen, & a 2.1 GHz processor. I need help finding an older laptop (2008?) that has the same screen type & screen specs as the Dell Inspiron 1318, but with the more durable shell of a Lenovo Thinkpad, and just enough processing power & capability (Maybe 2.2 or 2.3 GHz maximum) to handle Windows 10 and future upgrades of Windows 10 not to slow my processor down too much. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm pretty computer-illiterate, & merely trying to keep up w/ Windows 10 & laptops that don't cause migraines. :)
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    Hi OrcaLady91.

    While I understand how light can impact us I'm not sure your strategy is going to work. While the processor speed and memory may handle Windows 10 at some point I believe the hardware and its drivers will come back to haunt you. Check any vendor site for any model that old and there will be limited to no support. Not saying it won't work but I'm sure issues will slowly develop as Windows 10 matures.

    Now I don't know how you use your laptop in that some people have laptops and use them as desk tops, they basically stay in one place. If this might be you, have you considered getting an external LCD screen and keyboard. Then you could set your laptop to operate with the lid closed. This config may not be anything you want, just an idea.

    I would also look into your existing screen settings. Tone the brightness way down to get rid of that hot blue white.

    You could also try a product like f.lux which I install on all my clients machines.

    This product has a lot of nice features and you can go with a warmer white. I've never tried to set it for all day warmer white but it has a lot of options. One really nice thing about this product, it is free.

    Windows 10 also has a Night light option but again I've never set to 24 hours.

    Turn On or Off Night Light in Windows 10

    Others will have different opinions.
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       08 Dec 2017 #3

    You are going to have a really hard time. I would personally go see a eye specialist to look into why you are having so many issues with certain displays. Also talk to a neurologist, who may be able to also work with finding out why certain light waves and refresh rates are giving you Migraines. You are not the only one that deals with these kind of problems.

    Even just backlighting behind your laptop and putting in say 6500k/higher LUM bulbs into the lights in the room that you normally use your laptop in.

    I use a 3-way 6500k CFL in the lamp next to me. I only turn it to the second notch and have to turn the brightness down on my Macbook, because of dealing with it causing me to have issues after a bit, since I have lenses in after I had Cataracts removed.
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  4.    08 Dec 2017 #4

    Thanks, guys. I'm looking for suggestions of laptops that might fit my specs re. health, but that could easily handle Windows 10. I'm already diagnosed & don't like to disclose too much. Below are a list of more specific criteria that I'm looking for. The major issue w/ the ThinkPad is that it has LED backlit on top of CFL. It's the flickering 100x/second, + also the dirty electricity coming off the LED & the combo of the 2 types of light (LED & CFL) that are dangerous as heck for me. (Seizures, arrhythmias, leukemic bruising). So far, I'm clear that I need something w/ a CFL-ONLY screen, w/ similar specs to my Dell screen, which I tolerate very well. If the list below gives more info, I hope that helps clarify. Really appreciate everyone's input. Thanks very much. :) OrcaLady91

    *The same type & specs for SCREEN, as the Dell Inspiron 1318. *Processor that functions very similar to the Dell Inspiron 1318, on as many levels as possible. (Dell has Intel Core Duo CPU T6500) *Just enough processing power (maybe 2.3GHz) and memory (maybe 8GB) to easily handle Windows 10 easily. *Older substitute wifi card available for it, w/ 802.11 1x1 a/b/g & no mixed mode option.*Possibility of putting in a 500GB SSD*The usual old-school hardware: Ethernet jack ; built in webcam & mic ; headphone jack.
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  5.    08 Dec 2017 #5

    Maybe a surface would do?? A good way would be to go to say a Best Buy and test them all out..
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  6.    08 Dec 2017 #6

    Thanks. I don't think so. Need as much shielding as possible, so the more surface area, the better. Need something w/ a wifi antenna that's only tuned to 2.4 GHz. When I downgraded the card on the ThinkPad, the 802.11g protocol didn't work well. It's hard to find a laptop w/ the processing power & memory to handle Windows 10, without the dirty electricity from dual-band wifi. I'll call Best Buy, nonetheless. Again, thank you for your suggestions. :)
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  7.    09 Dec 2017 #7

    If you can find a monitor that meets your needs, you could simply hook it up to any PC (including your recently purchased used laptop) and use it instead of the built-in monitor. If that's a viable option, it will certainly expand your list of potential display choices.
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  8.    09 Dec 2017 #8

    Because of health circumstances, an external monitor is not an option for me. I'm thinking of just buying 2 more Dell Inspiron 1318 laptops, & trying to soup 1 of them up so it could process Windows 10, but I'd have to add RAM, & probably put in a faster processor. Thank you for the suggestion, nonetheless. :) -OrcaLady91
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       09 Dec 2017 #9

    Even a very old Dell can be made to run Windows 10, minimum 4GB ram, SSD, dual core running 2.1Ghz. Won't be gaming on it but browses very nicely and all the day to day Office tools work just fine. Mine is 10 years old.

    The issue will be, one members opinion, the drivers will become more and more of an issue. Mine has driver issue with newer wireless card.

    If you follow the threads here lots of people are experiencing video issues with the update to 1709. Sure they can fall back to older driver if they have it. You will also see some very experienced users who have tried to update older devices and just didn't make it because of drivers.

    That was my concern with spending on older gear. That said if you can't go external the technology is basically forcing your decision.

    Lots of members here will be more than willing to help.
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  10.    09 Dec 2017 #10

    Cool. I don't know if I can put an SSD in the Dell Inspiron 1318, but I know that that make & model has had W10 put on it, sans upgrade to SSD. What do you guys think of these single-band wifi dongles (which are said to be W10 compatible?) Maybe they'd work on the Dell Inspiron 1318, more than the existing WLAN (802.11g ; 2.4GHz) mini-card?

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