I'm so confused!

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    I'm so confused!

    Yesterday I decided to reset my computer, mainly because of all the updates, both mine and W10. Between upgrades to W10 and me deciding to go Pro and my continual search for the perfect drivers for my games I've done quite a few. Reset it, took forever, and the first thing was IE wouldn't keep my preferences for the main page, I only use 3 news feeds, and I have to refresh the page to get rid of the ones I don't want. Next was problems with the Nexus site, couldn't log in and couldn't download Nexus Mod Manager or download mods. Fixed that by downloading Chrome, everything works using that. Today I download my Fallout games and started setting them up. Started Fallout New Vegas and found a random group of saves that somehow made it through the reset. F4 and F3 seem to have cleaned up with no problems.

    Not really looking for advice just a little confused that the saves weren't erased along with everything else. And hoping nothing else shows up.
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    What did you do exactly? Reset or Refresh?

    Did you choose to keep your documents when you did it or not? Did you have to make a new user afterwards?

    Some stuff is stored in your documents folders (game saves etc) some stuff (including internet passwords etc) is stored in your profile in C:\Users\spazbot\appdata and some is stored in the registry.

    A refresh will keep your personal data (but delete most apps) so when you re-install the same app their data may still be there under your user profile.

    A reset (should) get rid of all of it as it is like a clean install. After that you should be forced to make a new user. If you use a Microsoft Account though when you connect to it it will synch your internet passwords, themes and whatnot.

    It sounds like you did either a refresh or a repair install so your Fallout saves were sill there.
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    I did a reset. It took two or three hours. Every other game cleaned up completely. It was a random group of saves, I had about 30 or 40 before the reset and only about 7 after. I don't think I would have had the problems with IE with just a refresh. I have considered doing another reset to see if IE starts working right. The reset also cleaned everything out of my backup drive.
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    I'm sure your saves have been re-downloaded from the cloud. Every game platform has a cloud feature. Did you use Steam?
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    I don't use the cloud for anything. It's the first thing I disable. And I check every once and a while to see if something got grannied to it. Never see anything. Is everyone missing the fact that none of my other games did this. I use GOG for this game and F3 and don't use any cloud save feature from GOG either. Just to make all of you happy I just checked GOG and cloud saves is unchecked there also.
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    Could of been deemed as personal files and saved from reset
    Did you choose to keep your personal files or wipe all ?
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    I've never been a big fan of Windows built-in reset function. If I need a reset, I'm just doing a clean install from the latest ISO downloadable from Microsoft. Instead of 2-3 hours for a reset, I can have a fresh install of Windows 10 in about 15 minutes, and I am sure EVERYTHING from the old system was wiped first.
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    Thank you, NavyLCDR. Finally a reasonable response with a solution for the next time. You seem to be the only one who read and understood my post. The Internet, the Internet never changes.
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    Not true though.

    Even if you do a clean install you'll get your saves back from Steam (or GOG) and you'll get all your passwords and internet history back once you tell Microsoft (or Google or both) who you are.
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    Like I said the Internet never changes. How can Steam or GOG give me my saves back when I was never on the cloud? Reinstalled F4 from Steam and there were no magic saves turning up. And if GOG somehow magically found my saves why were only seven or so random saves showing up. I had more than 40 or 50 for FNV. Done with this thread now.
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