Windows 10: barely runs after Win 10 install and multiple problem reports 0 resolv

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    Windows 10 Home From upgrade. Originally Win 7
       22 Nov 2017 #1

    barely runs after Win 10 install and multiple problem reports 0 resolv

    Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5200
    AMD C-50 Processor 1 Ghz
    3.0 GB Ram
    285 GB HD
    Win 10 64 bit OS

    I was asked to help father in law resolve pc issues. He states it has not run right for 6 to 9 months. Basically he seldom is able to get it to access internet via any method. Runs extremely slow, has several failed Microsoft Updates and Other problems which show they have been sent but not resolved. I set a restore point prior to making any changes and even that does not show. I even tried to reinstall Win 10 which it did but problems still exist. However while in the beginning process of reinstalling Win 10 last evening, the computer ran great and seemed normal allowing me to use multiple screens, responding quickly, etc. This morning very slow and sluggish again with multiple apps stopping. I have also tried running the system repair which also indicated there was a problem and it was not resolved.

    I have tried, virus scan and other malware scans, cleaning history, internet tools etc. I have tried to update Windows numerous times but it fails each time. I even tried restoring and resetting computer but each time it freezes or fails stating there was a problem and nothing changed.

    1 error message I came across was: C:/WINDOWS/System32/Srt/SrtTrail.txt
    System shows problems: Windows Modules Installer Worker: CBSPackageServicingFailure2 multiple times
    , WindowsWcpOtherFailure3 a couple times, and WindowsWcpStoreCorruption multiple times.

    What other info can I give you all to get advise on the best way to fix this. Please help me work through this. I can't think of anything other than buy restore disk but I will not be here long enough to get and complete. Thanks. aj
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    Hi, please start by checking the disk. Is it a hard disk?

    Download, install and run Hard Disk Sentinel (trial) and post a screenshot of the result.

    You say you reinstalled Win 10. Could you advise the build? (Windows key + R, winver).
    Did you get the Win 10 iso using the MS Media Creation Tool?

    Toshiba offers a rather basic diagnostic tool - please download and use that and post the result.
    Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool - Download

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    For a start your running a 64 bit windows with only 3 gig of ram you would be better with 32 bit you need over 4 gig ram to make use of 64 bit. The PC is very under specs with a slow CPU it's lucky to even run win10 it will never be a speed demon a ram upgrade and ssd would improve it but better to get a new PC
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    Windows 10 Home From upgrade. Originally Win 7
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    reply file

    Ok, here is what I was able to get. The toshiba pc diagnostic tool downloaded and comes up but I can not get it to start. In the task manager there is a file called Windows Modules Installer that continues to try to run. This has been since day 1 of looking at this pc. We have lowered priority and paused it. When we end task it just restarts on its own. Honestly he was fine with Win 7 and said it updated one day with other updates. We would certainly go back to Win 7 if we could but it is past the 10 days. I have upload to show the other info requested.

    Thanks so much for info.
    barely runs after Win 10 install and multiple problem reports 0 resolv Attached Files
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    Ok, so the disk is marginal, but possibly ok for now.. personally if the PC were worth it I'd replace it.
    The disk size at 285Gb - seems an odd size- looks to have enough free space.

    Samuria's right- better to run a 32 bit OS in restricted space. Was the original Windows 32 bits or 64 bits?
    To be honest, with only that small a disk, and that amount of RAM, you'll be lucky to achieve much. I would guess that you are very short of RAM, so Windows is paging data in and out of RAM to disk all the time, which will make the system very slow.

    Windows Modules Installer that continues to try to run
    Windows is trying to update, and my guess is that you're burning resources on that, which is failing.

    You have build 1607- the Anniversary edition, which is now two builds out of date.
    You said you were clean installing Win 10, so I wonder why you're installing an old build.
    Again, how did you get the iso?

    Please post a screenshot of your task manager, organising any column of interest high to low by clicking on the column tab like this:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1.jpg 
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ID:	165154
    To post a screenshot please use the Insert Image icon above your post to the left of the video icon. Then Browse to your image, select it and upload it. E.g. png, jpg. Thanks.

    For more guidance
    Take Screenshot in Windows 10 General Tips Tutorials
    How to Upload and Post Screenshots and Files at Ten Forums Tutorials

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    Windows 10 Home From upgrade. Originally Win 7
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    Honestly I am having great difficulty finding my way around 10. I tried every restore and reset tab until I was at the very bottom of that link and it said something like reinstall windows. I clicked on it and this version is what came up. I don't like 10 and quickly deleted it on my own pc very shortly after installing it. I can not seem to find how to save a prntscrn as a jpeg or png because I can't locate paint or clipboard. Nothing is smooth for me in this. I will attact a file in the same doc file and hope you all can get into and see it. So sorry

    Can I simply try reinstalling a version of 32 bit Win 10 or even better Win 7? If so I would appreciate a link. I don't know what was on this pc originally other than looking at specs online. If it is possible to see that from the pc, tell me how and I will gladly pass it on. Sorry but I feel very unqualified when dealing with 10.
    barely runs after Win 10 install and multiple problem reports 0 resolv Attached Files
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    You can download the iso for win10 select download to ge the 32 bit version it gives you the option to create dvd or usb at the end then boot from the dvd and delete the paritions and let windows create a new one so you have a clean install ( you have to to get 32 bit) it will activate as its stored on MS servers Download Windows 10
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    Windows 10 Home From upgrade. Originally Win 7
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       23 Nov 2017 #8

    I would just like to verify. I went to Windows 10 IOS Download and it is currently downloading. I have not yet seen anything stating it is 32 or 64 bit. When will that come up?

    Will I need a restore disk from manufacturer to reload all original apps after installing Win 10 32 bit?

    What is process from start to finish (to remove 64 bit and install 32 bit?

    Better yet, if I can come up with a copy of Win 7 Home Premium, is there any reason it will not reinstall (since 10 has been on here)? He would definitely prefer Win 10 and clearly system was made for it. The pc has the Win 7 sticker and the license number on bottom showing it was 7 Home Prem.

    I will be creating the bootable disk momentarily for Win 10 - 32 bit I hope. Just wondering if there are any last things I need to know. Thanks so much for the help and guidance. aj
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