ok, so I do not know where this belongs, admin(s) please move to the proper thread, thank you.

on with today's entertainment..

windows 10 creators update build 1709 problem.

ok, so the major problem I noticed is creators update lowered my volume levels for programs way the frell lower than the settings on the volume mixer indicate, and I have absolutely no idea how to fix this.

an example...I typically run my system sounds at 50%, and everything else at 25%, with star trek online at 10% and I cant hear the gorram photon torpedo that just exploded up my exhaust manifolds and sent my ship to the scrap heap.

this..ladies and gentlemen..is a distinct problem. games like sto, you rely on sounds to tell you where things are in relation to yourself, so not being able to hear which direction a phaser blast came from, or who just blew up(the idjut to my left) means I'm effectively deaf if you will to potential enemy threats.

dont even get me started on what this did to my music listening experience...