I recently upgraded my Windows 7 Professional system (custom built) to Windows 10 Professional. The upgrade went beautifully - almost too easy. Things were going great until yesterday (11/18/17). When I went to my home office to work, the screen was black as usual, and I moved the mouse to wake up the display (my power settings NEVER put the PC in sleep or hibernate modes). When the login screen didn't appear, I started pressing cursor keys (both mouse and keyboard are wireless Logitech) and didn't hear drives active or drive light blinking. I ended up having to hard shutdown and reboot.
I thought that maybe there may be errors on the C:\ drive, so I opened an administrator command prompt and ordered chkdsk c:/f (y on reboot) and chkdsk e:/f (data drive - RAID 1 - chk on reboot) and restarted the PC. As far as I could tell, it didn't find any errors.
I then checked the power preference settings - NEVER sleep or hibernate, display off after 1 hour inactivity, and all hardware stays active.
My latest last resort was to open Auslogics Boost Speed and the Registry Check/Repair tool. I created a restore point before "fixing" the multiple errors the program found. I hope this fixes it when I check again in the morning tomorrow (Monday). Has anyone had a similar problem? All drivers are up to date and the windows updates were all installed successfully.
One final thing to mention (though I don't think it's an issue) - the ASUS motherboard has built-in RAID controllers. I have 2 - 1TB drives assigned as drive E:\ and mirrored (RAID 1) - I'm a redundancy nut, so I also have a WD My Cloud 4TB drive that continuously backs computers on the network up when files are changed, added, or deleted.
Thanks in advance for your help,