Hi all,
My name is Paulo and this is my fisrt Post on tenforums.

For a couple of weeks now i have been experiencing strange behaviors with the WinSCP installer being fired up out of the blue.
I would like to have your support to see if i can fix this.

System Information:
OS Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit operating system.

How to reproduce the problem:
Whenever i am in folder browser dialog (does not matter the application) and i choose to create a new folder.
The new folder appears, but once i type it's new name an press enter it will somehow start WinSCP installation (when i already have it installed).
It will look for WinSCP.msi and will freeze the application i was working on.
The only way to solve is by killing, in the task manager, the original application i was working on.
I attached a screenshot of this behaviour.
Click image for larger version. 

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It will also be fired up every time i exit Visual Studio 2017!
Can someone point me out to where i can fix this behavior?