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There might be something out there that does everything right, the way that shimgvw.dll did before Microsoft broke it, but I haven't found it yet.
I feel the same way about Windows 10 Server support. Why the F**k did Microsoft release windows 10 before proper server support? Apparently it supports home server and enterprise server but it does NOT support small business essentials server (like my company uses). I'm still a member of my domain (since upgrading to 10), but my admin console disappeared, as did my server backup. The only way I can admin my server right now is through remote desktop.

They promise a fix by October, but that's way too late and way too lazy, and in spite of the fact that I think Windows 10 is a huge improvement, I have no choice but to force all my employees to stick to 7/8.1 until Microsoft gets their act together...

So we agree. Windows 10 is not mature enough for deployment just yet, even if it has some nice features.