I recently created a Windows 10 (1703) image to be deployed to our new workstations. I followed the tutorials for Ten Forums and some other sites. Here is the process I followed.

Boot new computer up > Boot to Audit Mode at the express settings screen.
The computer reboots and automatically logs in as the local Administrator
Customize the computer with the appropriate settings and software (Adobe and MS Silverlight)
Set IE homepage to our companies address
Ran Sysprep with copyprofile XML and then shutdown the PC

Next I used DISM to capture the images of the S: drive (System Partition) and the W: drive (Windows partition)

I proceeded by using the DISM command to apply the image to about half a dozen new PCs. I wiped the drives clean using diskpart and then applied the images to their respective partitions. I rebooted the PCs and followed the Windows OOBE setup to complete the process.

After a couple days one of the PCs was having an issue. I put the older Windows 7 PC back in its place so I could troubleshoot the Windows 10 PC. After searching online for a few days I've narrowed down the issue to be related to our domain admin account (Domain\Administrator).

What I have come to notice is that if I log into the PC as the domain admin user (Domain\Administrator) anyone that logs in after this user has issues with Internet Explorer, web shortcuts placed on the desktop, and some other departmental applications. Most of the icons do not display correctly. They are just white icons. Some programs do not appear to launch, but they do show in task manager. After searching online I found that this was related to the Administrator profile. I tested this yesterday by logging in as the domain Administrator user, then logged in a few other standard users (User A & User B). Both users experienced the same issues with IE, shortcuts and certain applications not working properly. I then logged in as myself and removed the domain Administrator users profile from the PC. I then logged back in as User A & User B and everything worked as it should. IE opened up to the correct homepage, all the applications worked properly. All of the desktop icons displayed correctly and the shortcuts opened in IE.

I am not sure what is causing this issue. Could there be something wrong with my image or the way it was captured/applied? Could this have something to do with the fact that Windows audit mode uses the Administrator account to customize the default profile and that we use the domain Administrator account?