Windows 10: Failed Hard Drive - No Bootable Devices found!! Advice please!

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    Failed Hard Drive - No Bootable Devices found!! Advice please!

    My SSD hardrive failed in my Dell Inspiron 15 laptop a few weeks ago with a "No Bootable Devices Found" error message at startup BIOS.
    I was hoping some of you have experience salvaging data in these type of situations.

    What I've tried

    • I tried loading Ubuntu on a thumb drive to try to access the hard drive -- no go. The drive did not show up in the devices list.
    • I tried reconnecting the hardrive drive from the labtop in case there was a faulty connection and to reset the drive, no go.
    • I tried using SATA to usb cable to see if I can clone the drive, but the drive is not being read. It shows the Cable interface is connected with 0MB connected to it.
    • When booting, I could not find the drive in the list. When I used ubuntu via USB, the usb did show up and was booted from.


    • Does windows 10 have any security features which would prevent ubuntu from reading the hard drive?

    What Happened Prior To Failure

    • I was connecting a new vizio tv to the laptop via hdmi 2 when I noticed the drive began to be sluggish. Task manager showed 100 percent memory disk usage so I rebooted while it was in this state. Never got it running again. The initial boot a memory test ran and showed no errors were preset. The boots that followed showed no bootable devices found.

    Hard Drive

    • The Hard Drive in question is a LITEON SATA SSD 512 GB
    • Windows 10
    • Dell Inspiron 15

    I know this is a long shot, but figured I'd ask to see if I can somehow manually salvage the data. If I can't find a solution myself, I might have to send it off to a data retrieval company, which is very expensive. Any advice?
    Attached are a few error messages and the hard drive information.

    IMG_20171013_124233.jpg - Google Drive

    IMG_20171013_124248.jpg - Google Drive
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    Have you removed the Hard drive and tried to use it in another computer, using the SATA to USB? Not finding the drive in Ubuntu does not sound good.
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    Yes, I have done both. I had to order a new hard drive so I can use the computer (the one I'm using now). I tried the SATA to usb, but it was not read. I might have to shell out a grand to salvage the data. This thread is my last attempted effort to try and save a bit of money, if possible.
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    Depending on how dead the drive is, it might not be possible to restore the data off an SSD, no platters to examine or salvage. First I'd heard of Liteon making SSD's seems an unusual choice. If Linux can't find it I think you are on a highway to nowhere regarding recovery. I've salvaged stuff using Linux in the past when a mechanical drive was dead to Windows. In your case I'd try the SSD in a PC's SATA port if you can and then see if Linux can find it rather than relying on USB to SATA.

    You will probably find you still get a large bill from most data recovery companies, even if they can't recover anything.

    I'm sure you don't need reminding but it goes without saying, always backup important Data.
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    Hi. Most companies have a policy where there is no charge if they can't salvage the data. The only silver lining is most of the companies are claiming a high percent success rate, even on SSD, so I'm hopeful I can still salvage the data.

    I tried ubuntu when the hard drive was still attached to the computer and it was unable to be found. I know there shouldn't be an issue with the computer itself because the new hard drive I ordered works fine with it, so the connections atleast still work. I tried the SATA to USB as part of a cloning option I wanted to try, to no avail.
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    Some ideas about reviving dead SSDS that probably don't work but worth a look maybe hardware failure - How can I recover dead SSD drives? - Super User
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    Thanks. Had a look. I was also wondering if perhaps there was some kind of software solution I can try on my end. Any specific ideas or experience regarding software and SSD's?
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    In order for any software only solution to work, the drive must be able to be detected. Yours is not able to be detected. The only chance you might have of data recovery is a new hardware interface to the storage unit of the drive, such as a controller board.
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    Makes sense, thanks. It seems my best option is to find a good data retrieval company that works on SSD drives. Any recommendations?
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